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I never really paid attention to them, but I fond this old vinyl record in my in laws basement the other day. I thought the cover looked cool, so I brought it home for a spin. I was shocked, that live album is agressive, fuzzy and heavy considering the era! Stoner music at its best. I really dig ''their'' Paranoid song…. They must have been very out there for a band of that era.

I went to my local used vinyl shop to buy more albums from this band and came back home with an album called Phoenix, which was released in the same era as the live album but to my surprise, it sounds nothing like the aggressive live band from my previous acquisition…. It sounds almost like the Doobie Brothers or something.

Does anybody know the story of that band?  How come they sound so fucking mean and agressive on the live album but yet very tone down and clean on their studio stuff? It sounds like 2 totally different bands.

What they had in mind when they recorded that live stuff?? They sounded heavier than Blue Cheer!!
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    I bought that album way back in the late 70s, but it seem to be lost from my vinyl collection now.
    I have the 2CD reissue though.
    Really great stuff, one of the classic 70's live albums imo.
    I'm still bummed out that I have lost that original vinyl.
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    One of my favorite bands of the 70's.....but heavier than Blue Cheer????? NOPE!  I don't think of them as being "Heavy" just a great rock band with a commercial side as well. Granted live they were a little more aggressive...but still not heavy.

    Here's some more background on them:


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    Yeah, well the vinyl I have is original from 1970 and very srcatchy/noisy. Perhaps it's adding more ''fuzz'' to it. Maybe I'm pushing it when saying they're heavier than Blue Cheer, but that live album definitely kicks some asses!
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    Grand Funk Railroad were huge for a bit in the early 70's, both as a live attraction and on the radio.  Derided by critics, Grand Funk were promoted as a "people's band" and it worked.  Maybe they weren't brilliant musicians, but they did write some great songs--and their version of "The Loco-Motion" is as gnarly as you could hope for (the solo sounds like Ace Frehley on Acid).  I think some of the slicker recordings are the result of producer/manager Terry Knight's involvement?
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    These Albums .....

    On Time

    Grand Funk

    Closer To Home

    Grand Funk Live

    Survival, (pretty much just for the cover of The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter").

    then jump to

    We're An American Band

    All of the first albums mentioned are by the original blues rock trio of Mark Farner, Don Brewer and Mel Schacher, (Mel really didn't write or sing anything. He was just the best instrumentalist, "killer bassist", in the group). American Band is much more pop and "looking for a hit" material. For this album Grand Funk hired a keyboardist, (Craig Frost), and they got Todd Rundgren to be the producer and engineer. It worked. Once.

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    I gotta add ..... I consider Mel Schacher's bass playing to be equal to John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Roger Glover and John Paul Jones.

    I consider Mel to be an "unsung hero" in the history of bass guitarists.
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    I have played Grand Funk covers for decades . They have " money " songs as we say .
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      I was turned on to GFR at the same time I was turned on to Sabbath,Zeppelin and Deep Purple.The self-titled "Red Album" was the first album I ever bought.Their cover of the Animals' "Inside Looking Out"
    was heavy back in 1969,and it still is today.Great live band,just raw and powerful.Farner wrote some great songs.Mel Schacher may be the only rock bassist to play with more distortion that his guitar player!
    Love 'em.
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    I always loved Foot Stompin' Music . :shred:
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