Huey Lewis and the News

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Just wanted to know if there's any fans. I've been digging this band for years now.

I think Lewis has a lot of character and charisma, and his voice is very recognisable (manly, but not like Coverdale manly). He's not a huge range kind of guy, but I don't think he needs to, he's very expressive and VERY good at phrasing, that's probably his biggest asset as a singer, right there. Dude is a great frontman and I love the whole humor thing that's always present in him and the band.

The band is not bad at all, there's no virtuosity but they play great as an ensemble, the rhythm section really grooves, the guitar players complement each other very well and they always play very tasty, bluesy solos with that very bright 80s clean tone. That's kind of a guitar trademark of the band that I think is pretty cool.

The songs are very good pop songs, vocal hooks are very prominent and Lewis delivers them with great clarity and confidence, plus the backing vocals sound huge and are always spot on. They do a lot of nods to like old american pop stuff, like 50s and 60s stuff but with the 80s sound, but it's very present in the arrangements, and chord progressions.

And if all this doesn't matter, Lewis played the harmonica in fuckin Thin Lizzy, held Phil in high esteem and always said the nicest things about him, plus they did this really cover of Boys Are Back in Town


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    A lot of good tunes by Huey Lewis and the News.  They had quite a run in the 80's.  That is a cool cover.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

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    We are obviously many that like Huey Lewis and the news.

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    I listened to a good amount of Huey Lewis and The News in Jr. High and High School. My mom really dug them so I bought the cassettes 'Sports' and 'Fore'. Some really good songs and they were all good players. I agree about Huey. Great frontman and very good singer. I also really liked the guitar player Chris Hayes. Tasteful player.
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    I've always liked Huey Lewis & The News. That Sports album is really a solid pop album. In College, one of my bands used to cover a few of their tunes. Fun songs, catchy, not too difficult, and they always went over great! In particular, I always looked forward in our set when we played "Walking On A Thin Line", they used to let me stretch out a bit on that one. :up:
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    I've had "Power of Love" in our set for years.

    I jazz up the solo a little bit, but it's a decent solo anyway.

    And I've played "Hip to be Square" as well.

    Good band.
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    It has to be done:



    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
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    That's a classic Dino moment.  Back to the future kicks so much ass.
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    He was just '80's cheese to me, I mean, at that time, I was Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, AC/DC, Exodus, Megadeth, Rush, Queensryche, and yeah, well, Dire Straits (come on, who didn't have "Brothers in Arms"?).  But I did think this one was cool.

    But hey, while we're on a tangent, how about some Saga?

    Ian Chrichton kicks some serious ass.  And it's not just that song.  The whole "Worlds Apart" album is filled with stuff that Dream Theater would be doing 20 years later.
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    Of course, the guitarist is the only one without a mullet.  +1 to us.
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