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I've been trying to play Nervous Breakdown for the past 3-4 weeks now and it's a hell of a challenge to play it at the right speed and right flow. It seemed easier than I thought when I first heard it. I'm really digging guitar oriented country music with chicken picking these days.

Any fans of Paisley here? I know inmyhands writes about him from time to time and otcconnan recommended me Nervous Breakdown as a song to learn.

What would be the best album(s) to buy from him?? I'm looking mostly for his best guitar oriented material, not necessarily his commercial hits. He seems to have many albums released, so what would be the best album to buy first?

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    My fave album by Paisley is Play.  It is his most guitar oriented album.  For me the rest is kind of hit and miss. He is a good writer, but I am not really a big country fan.  If you get his other stuff, there are least one or two instrumentals on each.  Play is the one I recommend though.

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    I too love "Play".
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    3rd for Play. Brad has multiple guest guitarists on board for this one. Also, many of the songs are done to honor past and present well known guitarists. "Playing With Fire" is done in the style of Robben Ford. "Cliffs of Rock City" is Brads take on the style of Eric Johnson. "Les Is More" is in the style of  :hmm: .
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    Cool, thanks guys! Play it is then!    :guitar:
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    I like Brad Paisley too. He's a tasteful player and has great chops, plus a good sense of humor. I could see him and Keith Urban or Blake Shelton hosting a revival of "Hee-Haw!" The hosting routines he does with Carrie Underwood every November at the CMA's are priceless.

    American Saturday Night and This is Country Music are my favorite recent albums from him. Wheelhouse and Moonshine in the Trunk fell short, IMO.
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    The dude is a beast of a player.
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    No doubt he's a great musician. It's great to see that a huge commercial star can actually back his success with talent. I only own his "Play" album, and I like a lot, great songs, playing, singing, tone.
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    He is pretty daw gawn good at that geetar .

    Play is his guitar album for sure . I like " Cluster Pluck " . :roll:
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    But of COURSE I would be the one to post this.
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    [quote author=otcconan link=topic=17326.msg261605#msg261605 date=1429892033]

    But of COURSE I would be the one to post this.

    That's awesome!!
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