While we were all watching Joe Bonamassa

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Right under our nose has been Warren Haynes.  Better?  Don't know.  My opinion:  Just as good.  Took up the slide role before Derek Trucks showed up, then the Dickie role after.

But MAN, does this not get at your soul?

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    I've been a Warren Haynes fan since the early 90s. Gov't Mule shows are always full of surprises. You never know what cool covers or special guests are going to take the stage.
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    I don't even like jam bands, and I think Gov'T Mule kicks ass...

    Warren is a great guitar player, and I much prefer his singing to Joe B's.
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    I got to see GOV MULE live right before Woody the bass player died . :clap1:

    I also saw Warren with The Allman Brothers .

    Warren certainly has AWESOME tone . He has some serious soulfulness in his playing . JB is a bit more technical .

    I've seen both of them live and their both neck and neck . I can't say I like one better than the other . I'd need to listen more to make a determination . Both are great players but I clearly prefer the " Godfathers "when it comes to this style of music .

    Gimme Billy Gibbons , Frank Marino , Pat Travers and especially Johnny Winter when it comes to blooze rock .
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    Don't get me wrong, I'll always gravitate to the Strat guys, just a preference.  Trower is my blues idol.
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    [quote author=otcconan link=topic=17305.msg261249#msg261249 date=1428955423]
    Don't get me wrong, I'll always gravitate to the Strat guys, just a preference.  Trower is my blues idol.

    Shit ... I can't believe I forgot TROWER . I'm with you on that . :tongue:

    I had to go to New Jersey yesterday and got to crank Robin Trower the entire trip .  :up:

    That's the difference between guys like Warren Haynes and Robin Trower...or another one of my" idols ".....Given the choice I'm always gonna wanna listen to those cats over anyone else . Nothing against Warren Haynes or JB but I don't get that excited about them . Somehow their Cds  don't make it into my  rotation with any regularity . Especially now since the release of the Trower ' bootlegs ' . I can never get enough . :up: :up:
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    I LOVE Warren's tone. Killer!! 

    I am convinced Zakk, Sykes, Frank Hannon, and Warren Haynes are all some how related. They all look like they could be related. They all love Pauls and Marshalls, and they all have killer tone.. 
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    Warren is a great player and an even nicer dude but like Jeb said his playing just does not excite me.
  • Smoking GunsSmoking Guns Posts: 4,552

    Zakk does first solo, then Warren 2nd.  You tell me which is better...
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    [quote author=Smoking Guns link=topic=17305.msg261264#msg261264 date=1428981502]

    Zakk does first solo, then Warren 2nd.  You tell me which is better...

    I think Warren's solo is a nice contrast t o Zakks . Warren avoided pulling his cock out and comparing it to Zakk's . Warren built up the energy and phrasing that was a nice complement to Zakk's all out frenzy . Don't get me wrong....I LOVE Zakk's style . I fully admire and applaud his John McLaughlin Mahavishu era  shredding and tone but Warren brings a bit more overall musicality to the table which really works in this context .

    Its almost like comparing apples and oranges . Sometimes I want an apple . But other times I want an orange .

    I've seen BOTH Warren and Zakk do their thing live . Warren does not play with the intensity of Zakk . With that in mind I've witnessed Zakk venture into total wankdom resulting in a utterly tasteless and juvenile display of guitar noise . :rolleyes: I've seen Warren on several occasions and he was anything but tasteless on any level whatsoever but I may have yawned more than once during his performance . Both guys are great players with styles that in this case complement each other IMHO .

    I give it to Zakk when it comes to having the bigger guitar playing penis but Warren Haynes cock probably tastes better . :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
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    :roll:  Nice analogy Jebb... Yes, on that tune, Zakk did admirable, but Warren owned it..  Pure class.
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    23 years old, headed to Round Rock, TX to see my grandmother.  Bored, and spent most of the trip listening to what was my current favorite, Queen II.  Somewhere along the trip, I finished the album, ejected the cassette, and found an Austin radio station doing a "Three for Thursday"  feature.  "Day of the Eagle,"  "Bridge of Sighs,"  and "Too Rolling Stoned" back to back to back.  Had heard of Trower, but never heard him. All the music media called him a "Hendrix clone."  I'm sorry, but those were not Hendrix songs.  Instantly, Trower took his place in my Rock Mount Rushmore:  Brian May, Alex Lifeson, Angus Young, Robin Trower.  For a Texas dude to place Trower over SRV is something, especially since I saw Stevie live.  Honestly, nowadays, I prefer Rory Gallagher, but his life was too short to be cut in stone.  So my Rushmore remains.
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