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Why do I like Opeth? They write music like mine. Well, I guess, if you're like me, started off with '80's metal, moved on to thrash, then became a prog-rock fan in the '90's, had a fling with death metal in the 2000's, and maintained interest in all these genres up to about 2005, then you'd write this:



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    I can't get past the cookie monster vocals .

    How long did it take them to come up with that open E riff ? :kidding: :hmm: .

    The one guy plays my guitar. :laugh:

    I'm really trying to give these guys a chance .............
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    Used to be into them till ten years ago. I sold all my cds since, and I can't get into what they're doing now either. They're way better bands playing prog, and way better bands playing heavy stuff.
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    Up until Blackwater Park I thought they were great, since then, progressively not so much with every album..
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    Ironically the only album I have is Pale Communion - I'm not a Cookie Monster Vocal fan either.

    And I kept hearing/reading about how great Opeth was, so I decided to take a punt.

    It's OK, some interesting stuff, but only for occasional listening.
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    He actually sings okay when he wants to. So why the Cookie Monster? It sounds horrible. But hen he sang it was decent!
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    Mixed feelings. I had a brief Opeth fixation some years ago, and bought four albums on a whim: Damnation, Deliverance, Ghost Reveries and Watershed. After a while, I found the songs overly repetitive and didn't care anymore. However, I still occasionally listen to the pair Damnation/Deliverance, which are the best albums of the aforementioned four IMO. I also saw the band live in 2009 or 2010: I thought they were technically flawless, but definitely not an entertaining live act.
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    I think their latter more '70s oriented stuff is waaay better than their death metal material but understands I am in minority of that opinion. I am by no means a big fan of them at all but their new stuff is at least tolerable to my ears. It gets a little plodd-y and long winded IMO :036:

    The cool thing is that Mikael, the singer, is a HUGE music freak. He writes a column in Sweden's (probably even Scandinavia's) biggest rock magazine Sweden Rock Magazine about lost gems every month. Always a great read and he seems like a geniunely nice guy.
    He also was the host a radio show for a week and played lot of great Dino music mainly from the '70s and early '80s. Tons of Rainbow :up: The show itself is cool an artist host for a week (four hour long episodes) and talk about their life/carrer and play music they like :smile: In between all the hipstry shit stuff there are some cool picks Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters were great. Mostly Swedish artists but Slash has hosted, that was also bad ass :shred:
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    Mikael quit doing the death style vocals a few albums ago. The last two albums, 'Heritage' and 'Pale Communion' are all clean and melodic vocals. 'Pale Communion' is a great album. Some of it reminds me of 70's era Kansas. The only other album I have is 'Watershed'....that has a mixture of clean and death vocals. That album is really good as well. Very dynamic. Akerfeldt is a very impressive songwriter. Very good guitarist to.
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    A great example of their really, true, prog stuff is  "The Lotus Eater" from Watershed.  It's like a three part song, first part death, second, something from 1978, then, kind of modern.  Really touches a lot of bases.  The song right after that on the album, "Burden," mines seriously King Crimson-esque territory.  Have not heard the last two, but all up to Watershed are brilliant.  As prog-metal goes, I'll take 'em over Dream Theater, Queensryche, and Mastodon, hands down.  On the fence if you had to make me choose between them and Fates Warning.

    How you can dislike a progressive metal band that uses a mellotron? 

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    The latest 2 are very prog oriented and good for what they are...but the heaviness is gone. And I'm a prog guy. But I've always loved their melodic/heavy side mixed together. Watershed is awesome.
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    I really like "Ghost Reveries" as well.

    Obviously, if you know, and wish to avoid the Cookie Monster vox, then "Damnation" is your trip, and a good one it is.  My introduction to them, and probably still my favorite.  But it's like asking a Rush fan their favorite album...
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    I started getting into them in the late 90's. I like both the older and newer material pretty well. I sort adjust based on my mood. Overall, I probably like the style around Ghost Reveries the best.
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    You know, after listening to them as much as I have I can now understand what the growling vocals are saying, and it makes some sense, in that the lyrics that are growled are meant to me malevolent, whereas the clean ones are meant for a different purpose.  If you're singing about murder, the growls make sense, while if you're singing about love, yeah, you sing a little differently....  I point to this. "Isolation Years," from "Ghost Reveries."  Probably one of the most beautiful things I've heard in years.

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    I guess I like them because, like me, they write violent music, and yet, when they decide to, they write lovely stuff.  I write brutal stuff, but there's also a Floydian side to me, as well.
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    Tell me this is not beautiful.

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