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In college, we used to play a drinking game.  Rule of Thumb.  Just one of those silly things where each person in turn would state a rule of thumb.  If all in the group agreed, he did not have to take a shot.  If it was shot down, he did.  I was pretty good at the game.  Now, if you started the game, you had to be first to go, so I will.  You have to say it first, like so:

Rule of thumb:  Unless you are auditioning or a Van Halen cover band, no tapping.


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    I do tap, though seldom. Usually to extend a sweep arpeggio on the high e or in order to play an arpeggio on one sting.

    1st Rule of thumb, if it sounds good it sounds good and the only judge is yourself.
    2nd Rule of Thumb, don't limit your expression possibillities by have too many rules of thumb about "good taste".

    3rd Rule of thumb, always use whammy musically, that is to do controlled vibrato or controlled faux slides ala Jeff Beck.
    Avoid Satriani squeels and too many dive bombs.
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    Depends on what variety of tap .

    The Eruption tapping ? I agree . Leave that at home .

    Greg Howe / Vinnie Moore tapping ? Like for scale extensions ? OR hyper trills like Satriani ? I'm a fan . :up:  Use it don't abuse it . (Just like anything else .)

    I'll second Agrippa's rules .

    My rule of Thumb ....Be Nice . :biggrin:
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