Well, that was cool.

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I'm a prog guy.  Huge Yes collection on vinyl, everything Queen, lots of King Crimson, pretty much everything Genesis before they went mainstream, and consequently, obviously Prog Metal.  Rush, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and, as you probably know, Opeth.

So I decided, just for the heck of it, to put nothing but Opeth on my iPod, and just play it on a loop in the background at work.  My place of work happens to be the only 24/7 establishment (a gas station) in a small town of about 2,000 round about San Antonio.  The biggest event in these parts is a rodeo.  Everyone (myself included, I should confess) drives pickup trucks.  So I'm ringing up this dude, and he's preparing to swipe his card, and I ask, "Debit or Credit?"  and he hesitates.  Then he looks at me, and says, "is that 'In My Time of Need?'"  Before I could respond, he said, "Are you listening to Opeth?"  "Yeah," I said, "I have all their albums."  He said, "that's good, because I was on my way to work, and I wasn't sure if I was still awake."


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    That is fucking awesome!
    When I worked at 48th street Custom Guitars we used to play all sorts of different stuff and there were some great moments.
    The one you guys will enjoy the best was when John Sykes walked into the store as we happened to be playing Slide It In. Now keep in mind this was in 2000, NOBODY would play that in a store back then. But all we were listening to in our store at that time was Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Michael Schenker and Rainbow.
    It took him a second to realize what he was hearing but he was so happy when he heard it. He asked us how we knew he was coming in, if someone had told us but it was just coincidence.
    I even pulled out the 5-6 CD's that we had behind the counter just to show him.
    He was a super cool guy and he looked like a middle aged Thor.
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    Both those stories are awesome! :up: +1

    I love when I walk into places and they are playing some kind of obscure stuff that I like. I feel like I'm almost obligated to buy something expensive in order to support their great taste :tongue:
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    Man, John Sykes walking into your store reminds me of my days when I worked at a health food store in San Antonio.  I'm behind the counter, and a co-worker comes up to me and says, "check this dude out...he's really TALL."  And suddenly I'm face-to-face with Will Perdue of the Spurs.  Well, face to waist, honestly.  Dude is 7'1".  Very pleasantly, he asks, "do you sell ear candles?"  "Why, yes, I do,"  I said, and sold him some.

    And in the span of about 6 months at that store, I ended up selling sports drinks to Sean Elliot, power bars to David Robinson, and more sports drinks to Vinnie Del Negro, all Spurs.  Later, when I worked at a much bigger store, I supplied the meat for a huge barbeque for Sean and Bruce Bowen, as well.  In my line of work, I've probably interacted with every Spur from '99 to the present.  I haven't met Tim, though.  But then again, I had tickets to a game and took my parents' foreign exchange student from Belgium with me.  Of course, they speak French, and he was stoked because we had court seats and he spent about 15 minutes talking to Tony Parker.  And of course he got pictures with Tim. 
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