Don't kick me, please. Tremonti

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He tries, he really does.

He aspires to Petrucci, but, alas, just doesn't get there.  But some of the Alter Bridge stuff is pretty good.  Not Dino, and most dinos would do as they would and stomp him.  Actually watched a vid of his right after Vandenberg and it's no contest.  But for a '90's-00's guy, he's alright.  Would still take Loomis, or Akerfelt over him.  But still, when that first album came out I was like, "this was the dude in Creed?  That guy who never soloed?  Scott Stapp must be a genuine ASSHOLE."

Yeah, this post is like 5 years too late.


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    I'm thinking 10 years more like.
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    I think the Tremonti second album with Wolfie could be very interesting.  He is a good guitarist, but not '80's style really.  He has gotten significantly better over the years as well.

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    I dig Tremonti's musicality a lot. Cool writing,  I really like his approach for creating guitar parts,  with different tunings, interesting chords and voicings, some nice leads as well, though nothing groundbreaking in that department.  He comes up with really good vocal harmonies below Myles Kennedys register. All in all I think Alter Bridge is a band that manages to pul out some interesting stuff within the standard of rock,  while remaining catchy and accesible.
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    Someone at work let me borrow the Alter Bridge album 'Fortress'. I thought it was actually pretty good. I think the guy is a solid guitar player. I don't care for Creed, but Alter Bridge isn't a bad band.
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    He has some serious chops. Sounds like a watered down Zakk to me.
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