nhd (New headphones Day).



  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,597
    So today was a snow day at work and it was pretty dead. So based on this thread me and a coworker did the Pepsi challenge with about 7 or 8 pairs of headphones:

    1. V-Moda Crossfade LP2- These headphones I thought sounded pretty good. Art is right though...very bass heavy for metal. I played Pink Floyd's "Fearless" through them and they sounded great.
    2. V-Moda Crossfade M100-These headphones sounded pretty awesome. The drivers listed on the box are the same as the LP2's but these headphones had much better punch. Nice mids and highs and the bass was more balanced. I was playing some Metallica and Flotsam And Jetsam through them and they really sounded badass. The comfort and build quality on both V-Moda models was excellent.
    3. Technics RPDH1250-These sounded muddy compared to the the V-Modas. They were ok but I was not impressed
    4. Audio Technica ATHM50X-I was looking forward to hearing these because Art said they were potential keepers for him. I though they were a little on the sterile side with too much highs. I didn't get the punch or low end I wanted out of them. I think these headphones are probably good for mixing and that is probably what they are designed for.
    5.Sennheiser HD6 Mix-These headphones were nice. I liked them when I first put them on. I went back and compared them to the V-Moda M100's and they were a little flat in comparison. Not quite as dynamic. Nice but not incredible. I did like the feel and quality however.
    6. Sennheiser-HD-25-1-II-These headphones were impressive. The sound was almost on par with the V-Moda M100's. The ear pieces or cans I guess you would call them were fairly small. My only complaint was they were kind of flimsy, small and were fairly expensive at $280. I felt at that price they should have been built or designed better. Great sounding headphones though.
    7.Sennheiser HD280-Very weak with not much bass at all.

    The winner of the day were the V-Moda Crossfade M100's. So I bought them. We closed early and I went home and immediately threw some vinyl on the turntable and plugged them in. I put on side 2 of Y&T's 'Meanstreak' album. They sound great with vinyl. Really happy with them. I never heard my iTunes sound better on my phone either.

  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,601
    The AT's are bright but I thought they had the best separation and clarity. I'm keeping those and the Sonys. I used the Sonys on a flight back east last week. They don't muffle plane noise but we're very comfortable and sounded good.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,597
    Art.....I am assuming you are keeping the ATHM50's? Was there much difference between those and the ATHM40's? I will have to listen to them again and compare. I didn't try the 40's out today.
  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,601
    Yes, I'm keeping the 50X model. The 50 was the prior model. The 40x sounded good too and I thought it was a bit darker.
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