My New Heroes : MARBIN

jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
Some of you may really dig this.....I am . :up:

Israeli strat wielding Dani Rabin plays with energy and excitement . I couldn't believe this cats in his 20s  .  :notworthy:

The other main solo instrument is the soprano sax.....YES....The same instrument played by Kenny G . Never fear its a curved soprano sax and this fucker plays his ASS off . The funkiest , melodic , kick ass soprano sax I've ever heard .

I have the live CD titled The Third Set . I can't get it out of my head .

Check out the songs Special Olympics and Depot if you like it this one .

Dani Rabin is my new guitar hero . :shred: :angel: :icon_syda:


  • BreakfastimeBreakfastime Posts: 2,152
    Cool, I'm diggin' this.  My kind of stuff!
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,677
    Guys are great.  Saw them twice about 2 years ago open for Holdsworth.  They also tell some great stories about the road
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
    Fantastic !

           I really loved the guitarists use of the trem. Does he know that's not a Floyd? How did he stay so nicely in tune? I wonder if his tremolo is a Fender factory standard or an "after market" version?
           I wonder how the horn player fits his obviously big balls in his tiny sax. I loved the way he used those fingering patterns during his solo. His index and pinky worked like a well rehearsed duo. As fun to watch as it was to listen to.
           Both the drummer and bassist seemed almost pure jazz in their approach to the music while the guitarist and sax player had some obvious fusion influence going on.
           I really enjoyed their work. This is also my introduction to their work. Thank's Jeb !

  • When Jeb gets visits from his friend Ed, he's always the recipient of a large stack of new CDs. I always let out a long troubled sigh upon the sight of this man. It most assuredly means there will be several weeks of incredibly angular fusion and all the sort of music that I find totally intolerable.

    Last night before he left for his gig, Jeb told me that he'd found one of the CDs to be outstanding and that he knew I'd really like it. It was Marbin!

    He played it for me this morning as I was leaving for work and he was getting ready to go to bed.  :wacky: :rolleyes:

    He was right!!! I totally dug it. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet.

    And I find it kind of funny- of COURSE Jay has already seen these guys play! :tongue:
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