Funny cameo in a friend's back catalog

DargavelDargavel Posts: 610
So in the meantime while I've been sticking purely to dino music at home, I had to pay the bills and see the world. Basically, I started playing guitar for a hip-hop act. Decidedly nerdy and self-effacing, I felt I could lend something to the music. Played some bigger gig (surprisingly, comic conventions pay good money for musical acts), local shows in Ottawa, and SXSW.

I was listening to the backcatalog of one of the other acts I've played with a few times (he has custom-made usb keys with his entire discography as part of his merch), a guy called mc lars had a song written about how guitar hero doesn't make you good at guitar. I guess it was more topical at the time. The song itself was awful, but had an unbelievably ripping guitar solo on it. Feeling a little outclassed, I had to find out who played it. I did:

Paul. Fucking. Gilbert.

This music video may be the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen him in. Enjoy.


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