Buy an album, get a fuzz pedal, or vice versa.

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A Danish alternative band, Black Light White Light, has decided that their new album should be a working fuzz pedal you can connect to your PC, and then download the music.
The Band and their music is imho pretty darn awful. But what do I know about alternative rock in 2014 ??

Personally I have never owned a fuzzbox, and this won't make me buy one, so I haven't tried it.
It may be the best fuzz in the history of fuzz, and I'll never find out.

Of course and ufortunately they have watered down the idea by also having regular downloads, LPs and cds too.
But the idea was cool imo, so I'd just like to share.


You have to do stuff, like the U2/I-phone thing, to sell music these days.

I'm certain that they'll not sell millions of albums/fuzzboxes, not only because of the quality of their music, but also because the "fuzz album" is 140 €.

Buy the pedal/album or get more info about the pedal/album here:


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    Just listened to the YT link amd yeah I agree, pretty awful. I thought the bass line was semi-interesting until I realized that he just repeats the same 2 phrases throughout the whole song.

    Problem with a lot of bands these days is they totally lack originality. You can put on one of their records and it could be any of 1000 bands. Whereas if you listen to 2 bars of Sabbath, Purple, ELO, Pink Floyd, Maiden, etc. you instantly know who it is.

    I guess the fuzzbox thing was an interesting IDEA, but in practice I don't see it working well. I mean for those interested in fuzzboxes, I'm sure there are better deals out there, and this may not be the brand everyone wants. Add to the dilemma that even less people would want to buy the band's music, and you have an even smaller pool of potential buyers...

    It's a gimmicky tactic at best if you ask me. Just my 2 cents.
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    Totally agree.

    I just thought it was interesting and fun enough to share.
  • You have to do stuff, like the U2/I-phone thing, to sell music these days.
    Ya Apple gave U2  100 million to do that. Amazing!
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    Funny thing about the whole U2 debacle: a lot of my peers who are rather un-savvy when it comes to smartphones and technology in general were initially mislead into believing that U2 hacked their iPhones. Their reactions were quite enjoyable to watch.  :roll:
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