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Anyone else here listen to T-Ride and get into them?

I got turned onto this album this year and its become one of my favourite albums where I like every song on it. There is a lot of sick guitar playing on it although no conventional solo sections, just bursts of lead guitar here and there. The rhythm guitar is sick however and the vocals and vocal harmonies are mind blowing. Singer Dan Arlie has a tremendous range and a lot of power to his voice. I would loved to have heard him do some Dino rock covers like Deep Purple or something.

If you heard of this band and/or like them, you will probably be very interested in this thread at gearslutz where drummer/producer/sound engineer Eric Valentine talks in detail about the recording process of that album


A lot of guitar was played by Geoff Tyson (I reckon all the tricky bits were) with a decent amount actually played by Valentine and the intro solo lick in 'Zombies From Hell" played by Steve Ouimette (he would record a version of Dueling Banjo's for one of the guitar hero games)

Such a shame that the band split up and Dan Arlie has pretty much never been heard from again.


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