A new band for an old rocker

SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
As you may know, I've been playing 80s covers with a band called Thundersteel since the demise of Monster Joe.
There are some other projects simmering as well though. I'll keep you posted should anything come to fruition.

The other guitar player in Thundersteel used to have his own band called Episode H8.
He put that band on hold due to lack of time. Earlier this year, he contacted the members to ask if they'd be interested in getting together again.
Apart from the keyboard player, they all declined. So, he turned to his friends in Thundersteel (minus the singer, as he does guitar/vocals in this one) to complete the lineup and we all happily obliged.
The riffing is intricate and fast, the lead parts are challenging. I'm glad to be pushing the envelope of my playing, but I'm afraid my wright wrist might fall off :ohwell:

Here's a promo he did with the old lineup :

EMG equipped guitars into the Carvin sound perfect for this :metal:


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