Riffs 'N Solos that Rip You a New Ass

Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 208
I've been a great guitar kick today where I'm playing some of my favourite songs and I feel like I am really nailing the feeling 100% even if the technique isn't up to snuff. Its all about this amazing fucking rush that comes from attempting to play these awesome tunes, realising your doing well and it continues on into the solo and then nailing that last note which is hopefully a hellacious bend or vibrato.

These are the ones that are doing it for me today

Jake E Lee - Bark at the Moon
Gary Moore - Shape Of Things and Empty Rooms (Victims version)
Nuno Bettencourt - Get The Funk Out
Zakk Wylde - No More Tears
Criss Oliva - Edge Of Thorns (really need to nail that fucking awesome pentatonic shred with the artificial harmonics lick at 3:45)
Marty Friedman - Hangar 18
Kirk Hammett - Enter Sandman

and the biggest rush I got surprisingly (maybe not?) was John Sykes: Still of The Night. Then Is this Love...I absolutely love trying to nail those wide vibratos.

Edited to add:

What are you favourite songs/solos to play that make you experience a massive surge of energy and start moving/headbanging/whatever/ like you think your playing Madison Square Garden?
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  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,926
    "Rip" implies a certain level of dexterity and speed, Kind of a synonym for "shredding",right ?

    To me Blackmores riff to "Sail Away" from "Burn" totally rips, but it isn't shredding. It's as slow as "is this love".

    But if I should find something I feel "rips" I'd point to Vernon Reids riffage and soloing on "Cult Of Personality"

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    [quote author=Agrippa link=topic=16397.msg248471#msg248471 date=1399094421]

    But if I should find something I feel "rips" I'd point to Vernon Reids riffage and soloing on "Cult Of Personality"


    Oh bloody hell yes!  :ohyeah:
  • Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 208
    I am talking about songs that you love to PLAY not merely listen to that gives you a massive rush. I get excited listening to awesome music but when you are playing that stuff, usually it should give you an amazing surge inside...its like when you let loose and don't give a shit about anything else...kind of like being drunk except you are in control.

    I've played Cult of Personality which I really like but when it comes to the solo I pretty much just randomly shred in G Minor haha...

    I probably shouldn't have said rip because something can be ripping but it doesn't give me that surge of passion I keep on about, that's why something like the Is this Love solo can instil that emotion without being ripping.

    Maybe I should have said Tear a new ass
  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,670
    Cult Of Personality is one of those riffs that I just can't seem to get right! It's simple enough, but there's that groove that Vernon has...
    The solo? Just go nuts in G minor!  :up:
    I love to play Crazy Train. It's not a major technical challenge, but just to turn up and blast for the sheer joy of playing, it's hard to beat!
  • I find these ones to be an absolute blast:

    Ritchie Blackmore - Knocking At Your Back Door
    John Mclaughlin - Birds of Fire, The Noonward Race

    I don't play them note for note but certainly close enough to retain the feel of the original recordings.

    Good calls on Cult of Personality and Painkiller, too...
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,748
    I find most Thin Lizzy and AC/DC to be a blast to play on guitar. Lot of Zeppelin too.
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  • arbshredderarbshredder Posts: 244
    A few covers my band does are great for this:

    Paris: Grace Potter
    American Boys: Halestorm
    Dirty Work: Halestorm
    CrackerMan - STP
  • MovingWavesMovingWaves Posts: 558
    The Rage -- Priest
    A National Acrobat -- Sab
    The Rover -- Zep
    Overture/Temples -- Rush
  • Smoking GunsSmoking Guns Posts: 4,547
    Youth Gone Wild
    Rock you like a hurricane!
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,646
    The Guess Who:
    No Time
    Bus Rider

    Born To Be Wild

    All Right Now

    Creedence Clearwater Revival:
    Travelin' Band

    The Who:

    Sunshine Superman

    The Beatles:
    I Want You, (She's So Heavy).
    Paperback Writer

    The Rolling Stones:
    Gimme Shelter
    Jumpin' Jack Flash

  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,452

    Gary Moore-Bad News
    Iron Maiden-Back In The Village(intro)
    Pat Travers-Snortin Whiskey…
    Thin Lizzy-Cold Sweat
    AC/DC-Riff Raff(intro)
    Trust-In The Name Of The Race

    Michael Schenker-This Kid's(Strangers In The Night)
    Gary Moore-Bad News, Shapes Of Things(Studio and We Want Moore)
    Steve Vai-Desert Diamond
    Vivian Campbell-Invisible, Rainbow In The Dark
    Yngwie Malmsteen- I Am A Viking
    Eddie Van Halen-Take Your Whiskey Home…..but so many great ones
    Adrian Smith-To Tame A Land, Alexander The Great, Rime of THe Ancient Mariner
    Dave Murray-Where Eagles Dare, Alexander The Great
    Brian Robertson-Warriors, Opium Trail
    Glenn Tipton- You've Got Another Thing Comin. Electric Eye
    Dave  Menikettti-Rescue Me
    Uli Roth-Polar Nights(Intro from Tokyo Tapes)
    Ronnie Le Tekro-Seven Seas, Sapphire

    These are off the top of my head…..I could certainly think of a lot more
  • RoadRacerXRoadRacerX Posts: 843
    Lay it Down - Ratt
    Round and Round - Ratt
    Bark at the Moon - Jake
    Mean Street intro - Van Halen
    Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
    Inside Out - XYZ
  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    Solos :
    Thin Lizzy - Thunder & Lightning (Sykes)
    Thin Lizzy - Sun Goes Down (Gorham)
    Griffin - Hawk The Slayer

    Riffs :
    Ratt - Lay It Down
    Judas Priest - Painkiller
    Deep Purple - Burn
  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,208
    The full solo of "All Right Now" by Free. It's really not terribly difficult (hey, I learned it!) but playing it with the feeling of the original, that takes a lot.
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  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,593
    ACDC Back in Black, the whole album.
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