Vernon Reid & Jack Bruce's band- SPECTRUM ROAD

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Their first self titled album was released in 2012 . Carlos Santana's wife Cindy is on drums and John Medeski on keys .

These folks got together to do a tribute of sorts to Tony Williams LIFETIME acid jazz , freeform , bombastic , heavy improv oriented band . Both Allan Holdsworth and John Mclaughlin played guitar with Tony Williams .  It was hippy jazz of the late 60s . The recordings I have are really noisey and must have been heavily influenced by Miles Davis's BITCHES BREW which is credited as the first " fusion " album ever recorded . Tony Williams is revered by drummers as a Jimi Hendrix type of guy that changed the way the instrument was played . He made LOTS of noise .

Enough history : Veron Reid fans will shit their pants . He goes totally bezerk . The ripping is non stop . Its is however done in a very Tony Williams format . Its dark and frantic . Total auto pilot shredding with a Hendrixian flair . If that appeals to you your in luck . Hendrix would certinly approve of the fuzz tones .

Jack Bruce does some bizzare Jim Morrison chanting . There is very little in the way of vocals . What he does do is simply strange . :crazy: Medeski's hammond organ is awesome and contributes to the overall " retro " vibe .  :cool: Mrs.Santana does an admirable job but is a far cry from reminding me of Tony Williams .

My problem is that Vernon Reid and Jack Bruce are ROCK players . IMHO they should stick to more straight ahead music . The entire " sound collage " spaced out noise motif gets old real fast . When they attempt to BeBop or swing it looses me . Some of the tracks are just lame .  :wank: :wank: :wank:  They sound lost . Certin things you just can't fake . I listen to enough jazz to know the difference .

That said this album has the coolest Vernon Reid playing I've ever heard . Its all happening when the band is chugging behind him . His " soft and sensitive " side seriously detracts from everything . As much as I like his playing I equally detest it . :arg:

I think part of the appeal is nobody sounds like Vernon Reid . This album has some really cool stuff but I somehow doubt he could ever play any of it twice . Its total off the cuff improv : Hendrix meets Mahavishnu . I don't have an issue with that . It sounds cool to me and immediately gets my undivided attention .

I'd like to hear more from Vernon Reid . I just hope he plans to remain a Rock player .  Same goes for Jack Bruce . IMHO he has yet to do anything better than Cream . I liked his collaborations with Robin Trower but other than that I can't think of much that excited me .

The genre I'm looking for incorporates all the essential elements of Rock n Roll with a hearty slice of funk along with the virtuosity and harmonic invention of jazz . Thats a tough recipe indeed . A guy like Vernon Reid seems like he'd be able to fit this bill but the results are mixed . :hmm:

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