Beth Hart/Bonamassa new live album

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What a performance from Beth Hart and what a solo from Bonamassa !!!!!

From their brand new 'Live in Amsterdam' album, this is heaven ...


  • This is the afternoon of underwhelming updates for me.
    This is certainly not my favorite Beth Hart clip. That being said, I'll take it! I love her pipes. I do prefer her with a pair of jeans, and a grittier band. I do like Joe B more than a lot of us here do, but I like my blues unpolished without expensive suits (at least do them in funky styles). Blues musicians in suits is obviously a staple. But you have to wear them in a certain way. Take all that shit out of your hair.

    Nice solo though! And I love the volume knob business at the end of it.
    And she is amazing even on her worst day. I just don't really like the song here, but it's not a lack of it being done well.
    I WISH SHE WOULD DO MORE TOURING IN THE US.  I have never gotten to see her sing.
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    I much prefer the playing on Gary Moore's version from his final album (see above link), but I like the singing here a lot more, I think Beth Hart has a great voice.
    She kind of disappeared for a while, I remember when I lived in a California in the late 90s, there were a number of commercials for her album with LA Song (can't remember the name). Funny enough, I don't care for that song. Anyway, after that, I never heard from her, but I moved back to Canada, and I thought maybe that was why? There might not be enough market in the USA for it? Weird though, she is a wonderful singer, I could delete Joe B and just enjoy her on her own, and I kind of like Joe B.
  • [quote author=Mike Hansen link=topic=16329.msg247582#msg247582 date=1397089651]

    She kind of disappeared for a while, I remember when I lived in a California in the late 90s, there were a number of commercials for her album with LA Song (can't remember the name). Funny enough, I don't care for that song. Anyway, after that, I never heard from her, but I moved back to Canada, and I thought maybe that was why? There might not be enough market in the USA for it? Weird though, she is a wonderful singer, I could delete Joe B and just enjoy her on her own, and I kind of like Joe B.

    So here's the little bit that I know. She didn't so much disappear. She's got some personal issues that keep her from actually wanting to play (or really be in the US at all.) She'd had some rough times here (including a very long ago incident involving a home invasion in which she and her sister & mother were tied up for a whole day.) So she's gone through some addiction issues, etc. And it just resonates for her when she's here and discovered that she's so big in Europe that she just spends most of her time there.

    I know she did live in (And may still have) a condo or apartment in LA with her boyfriend (husband?) for several years.

    Incidentally, she has a few Canadian tour dates this summer if you want to check them out. Just go to her website.

    I am a huge fan of hers and would love to see her live. I'm not sure if there's no market for her here.... that's kind of sad if it's true.
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    Incidentally, she has a few Canadian tour dates this summer if you want to check them out. Just go to her website.
    Thanks! I see she is at Bluesfest on the 3rd and 4th of July here in Ottawa, assuming we are not away on vacation, I will go to one of those
  • LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I actually enjoyed watching the video, though I wouldn't buy this. I like her singing, Bonamassa's playing was adequate, but it's a very "academic" kind of blues IMO.
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    I just don't feel it, sorry.
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    I really like beth's i'm going a bit off topic of the blues album this thread is about. Maybe I shoulda started a Beth Hart thread...
    Don't know much about her so was looking up her history etc..
    From her website:

    A little history

    The story of Beth Hart is one of extreme highs and extreme lows, and there are two particular factors that illustrate this.  First, her voice:  when she sings, clocks stop, hearts dance, and neck-hair tingles, it’s that compelling.  The second is her rollercoaster story:  in the late 90s, she was on the cusp of a promising music career, signed to a major U.S. label, national television bookings, hit singles, and great press, but her career careened off the tracks at its peak due to her drug and alcohol addiction.  Beth Hart’s story is one of incredible opportunity, heartbreaking loss, and now, with her recent show-stopping Kennedy Center Honors performance with Jeff Beck that honored blues great Buddy Guy, and the April 2, 2013 North American release of Bang Bang Boom Boom (Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group), redemption.

    *     *     *     *

    When she was just four years old, Beth realized that music was her destiny.  “There was this commercial for pianos on TV,” she recalls, “and the music was Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” which was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. So in the middle of the night, I got up and played part of that song on the piano. My mother, father and all the other kids came out and gave me so much love and attention, the ham in me knew right away that this was what I wanted to do. I just knew…

    “I never thought I’d be a singer,” she continues. “I thought I’d be a classical pianist or cellist, go to Juilliard. When I did start singing, I took opera lessons and my teacher was wonderful, but one day she said, ‘Beth, I don’t think classical is for you, because you like to do your own thing with the music.’  And she was right.”

    Beth’s formative musical tastes were eclectic, taking in jazz, rock, blues, gospel and grunge.  “Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald: I’m fascinated by them,” she says, “but then when I heard Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, I couldn’t get over their power.  But then, Rickie Lee Jones and James Taylor, their voices were so lovely and soft…”

    A national win on “Star Search,” a forerunner to “American Idol” and “The Voice,” gigging around L.A. and a lot of pounding the pavement by her manager, eventually led to Jason Flom and David Foster who jointly signed her to Lava/143/Atlantic Records.  Beth worked with top producers on 1996’s Immortal, and scored international hits with cuts like “Am I The One,” but today, she contends it was on 1999’s Screamin’ For My Supper– home to the smash-hit “LA Song (Out Of This Town)” – that she found her voice. “If I could have my way,” she says, “I’d love it if people bought my new album and Screamin’ For My Supper simultaneously, because I think that record is where I became a real writer.”

    But again, pressure clipped her wings. A heady cocktail of drugs and Beth’s unmedicated bipolar disorder ensured that her Atlantic deal went sour, and it took the intervention of road manager Scott Guetzkow to pull her back from the brink. “I went into five different hospitals that year, not including rehabs,” she says. “It was so bad that I remember talking to my psychologist and he said, ‘I don’t think you can handle being in this business…’”

    Then came redemption. Around the turn of the millennium, Beth ditched her “drug of choice” (Klonopin), drove to Las Vegas, married Guetzkow and, sober and drug-free, began to craft a comeback.  In 2003, she shot back with third album, Leave The Light On (Billboard: “One of the year’s most affecting albums), while in 2005, her growing popularity in the UK and Europe was clinched with the Live At Paradiso release from Amsterdam.  In 2007, 37 Days gave Beth the European hit “Good As It Gets,” and in 2010, My California found her singing with new sensitivity about deeply personal themes, in particular the loss of her beloved sister, Sharon, on “Sister Heroine.”

    Beth toured extensively in the UK and Europe, playing bigger and bigger venues each time, and the buzz continued to mushroom.  That voice had caught some famous ears, and to date, Beth counts some of rock’s most iconic guitarists amongst her collaborators. Her earliest A-list hook-up was alongside British veteran Jeff Beck (“I didn’t know a guitar could sound that way”), while she enjoyed fizzing chemistry with ex-Guns N’ Roses legend Slash, who guested on “Sister Heroine” and co-wrote “Mother Maria” for the Download To Donate For Haiti charity album.

    But it was a chance meeting with the blues star Joe Bonamassa in a hotel lobby that changed her trajectory, resulting in an invitation to sing on the Kevin Shirley-produced soul-rock covers album that became 2011’s Don’t Explain.

    Beth and Kevin Shirley instantly clicked, and with cuts like “I’ll Take Care Of You” hijacking BBC Radio 2’s playlists, and the UK’s Classic Rock magazine including the release in its Top Albums of 2011, Don’t Explain proved to be Hart’s tipping-point and the perfect springboard for Bang Bang Boom Boom. With 11 original songs recorded live by Kevin Shirley, this new collection gives Beth’s eclectic influences free rein, spinning from the brassy gospel of “Spirit Of God,” to the sparse “Thru The Window Of My Mind,” with her first-ever piano solo on “Swing My Thing Back Around,” and an impossibly tender vocal on the Billie Holiday-flavored “Baddest Blues.”

    And then came Jeff Beck’s invitation for Beth to join him on the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors to pay tribute to blues legend Buddy Guy, performing the Etta James classic “I’d Rather Go Blind.”  Viewers may have tuned in to see Led Zeppelin or David Letterman being honored, but, as the Baltimore Sun wrote, “Everyone was on their feet when [Beck and Hart’s] soul-searing performance ended.”  What a reintroduction to America. As a result of that Buddy Guy invited Beth Hart to sing the duet ”What You Gonna Do About Me” with him and record that for his album Rhythm & Blues.

    Bang Bang Boom Boom is the album where Beth is finally able to admit she might actually be happy. “Often on old records, I wrote about pain and fear,” she says. “I didn’t write so much about love. I always felt like I didn’t understand it or wasn’t worthy. This is the first album where I have, and it’s such a beautiful feeling. I feel like I’ve gotten to fit into a new pair of shoes, y’know, and I can walk a different walk. Every album is special to me. But with this one, there’s a real specialness about it, because I’m at a different age and in a new head-space.”

    Seesaw reunites force-­‐of-­‐nature blues-­‐rock vocalist Beth Hart and guitar hero Joe Bonamassa for a second album of choice covers from various musical eras. As with their first outing, Don’t Explain, the project is in collaboration with producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes). Each of the three principals suggested and selected tracks for the 11-­‐song set list, which mines soulful classics previously made famous by Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Donnie Hathaway, Lucinda Williams, Buddy Miles, Tina Turner, Slackwax, Melody Gardot, and Nina Simone.

    The one-­‐two punch of Hart’s powerhouse vocals and Bonamassa’s scorching solos both honors and reinvents the original recordings. They are backed by the same world class band that kept the grooves going on Don’t Explain: Anton Fig (drums, percussion), Carmine Rojas (bass), Blondie Chaplin (rhythm guitar, backing vocals and percussion), Arlan Schierbaum (organ, piano). This time out, their mighty sound is augmented by a horn section, with Lee Thornburg on trumpets and trombones, and Ron Dziubla on saxophones.

    For Hart and Bonamassa, making music together grew out of the friendship and mutual artistic appreciation they developed after crossing paths on the road numerous times, particularly on the festival circuit in Europe. Bonamassa wanted to do a project with her, and came up with the idea for a soul covers record. Shirley, who’s produced 12 of Bonamassa’s albums, was enthusiastic, and Bonamassa contacted Hart. “When I got the call that he wanted to do a soul record with me, I figured I’d be the background singer. He said ‘no, you’re singing lead.’” The chemistry clicked, and Don’t Explain was released in 2011, followed now by 2013’s Seesaw and a mini joint European tour —in between, both Hart and Bonamassa have toured, recorded solo albums, and reached new career highs.

    For the album Seesaw, Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa received a Grammy nomination in the category: Best Blues Album. “This is a really happy day for me and I’m really proud and have so many people to be thankful for, but I am most thankful for my husband Scott, for without him there’s no way I’d be able to still be here enjoying the love of music and life.”

    Beth Hart is also nominated for a Blues Music Award in the category: Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist.

    It’s finally Australia’s turn to be introduced in person to Beth Hart when she makes her debut appearance on our shores for the Byron Bay BluesFest’s 25th Anniversary in April 2014. Beth Hart is one of BluesFest’s director’s top picks. Director Peter Noble goes overboard for her. Bang Bang Boom Boom will be released in Australia in March 2014.

    Tour dates: 2014

     Apr 12 THE BASEMENT Sydney, Australia Sold Out RSVP
     Apr 13 THE BASEMENT Sydney, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Apr 15 The Corner Melbourne, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Apr 17 Bluesfest Byron Bay, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Apr 18 Bluesfest Byron Bay, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Apr 21 Opera House Sydney, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Apr 22 Hammer Hall Melbourne, Australia Tickets RSVP
     Jun 20 Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT Tickets RSVP
     Jun 21 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA Tickets RSVP
     Jun 23 High Line Ballroom New York, NY Tickets RSVP

     Jun 30 The Mod Club Toronto, Canada Tickets RSVP
     Jul 03 Ottawa Blues Fest Ottawa, Canada Tickets RSVP
     Jul 04 Ottawa Blues Fest Ottawa, Canada Tickets RSVP
     Jul 06 Quebec City Festival Quebec, Canada Tickets RSVP
     Jul 18 STADE DES BURGONDES Saint Julien En Genevois, France Tickets RSVP
     Jul 20 Nuits De La Guitare Patrimonio, France Tickets RSVP
     Jul 23 Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets RSVP
     Jul 25 Manefestivalen Fredrikstad, Norway Tickets RSVP
     Jul 26 WRIGHTEGAARDEN Langesund, Norway Tickets RSVP
     Apr 11 Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, Netherlands Tickets

  • Thanks for posting! This is mostly a refresher for me, and was happy to read it. Forgot about her husband's role, etc. There is a long interview broken up into 20 minute (or something like that) videos on Youtube where she talks about most of her history. You can also find Youtubes of her Star Search days. She's got really 80's pants/hair. It's cute.

    As for the tour dates.......
    I simply cannot explain my freakout last night when I read this post for the first time...
    She's got a date in Phill. I have been waiting (im)patiently to see her sing live for probably 5 years. The Philly date falls during a week that I will be far, far away. The New York date- the same.  :weep: :arg: :sad2:
    I'm not really sure what to do or even say about that right now. I am in the "No, it can't be true! How can I make this happen" stages of shock and anguish...
    I am trying to figure it all out.

    I am so reverent with her, I just cannot accept that I am going to miss the first dates for shows I have seen since becoming a fan. Her live performance is legend. (See my DRG signature? I put that on so long ago and still think about it all the time. It's from the cover she did *probably one of my two favorite Beth Hart moments* of Guilty.)
  • And Andy, sorry you don't like! :smile:
    We'll always have Uli....  :icon_syda:
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    [quote author=guitarrednfeathered link=topic=16329.msg247646#msg247646 date=1397236858]
    And Andy, sorry you don't like! :smile:
    We'll always have Uli....  :icon_syda:

    :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
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    Pretty sure I will be at Blues Fest one or both days for her show.  My wife is a fan and I enjoy her stuff so it should be interesting.  Those are days with other bands I want to see as well.  So should be a lot of fun.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

  • Well we'll want a full report of that!
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