Walter Trout Illness Update

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My favourite Dino Bluesman Walter Trout is suffering from a life threatening liver problem that has already caused him to lose a third  of his body weight.  On his recent UK tour he had to play sitting down and looked very very ill, but still gave it every ounce of effort.

An update from his wife indicates that they are battling with an insurance company to get the life saving drugs he needs.

I'm sure we wish him well.

In case you don't know much about him, here he is delivering a face-melting 2nd solo on Hendrix's  'Hey Joe' - Magic Stuff !!!



  • Mike_HMike_H Posts: 769
    That sucks. I didn't even know he was ill. I like Walter Trout, in addition to being a fantastic blues player, he always seems like a nice guy in the clips I have seen.
    Hope he pulls through.
    Is it some kind of experimental treatment, is that why it is not paid for?
  • Mike

    He genuinely is a nice man.  Always comes to the bar after gigs and talks to the fans.  Does 200 gigs a year and ALWAYS gives everything he's got. 

    I suspect the problem is that despite having been clean for 25 years, his liver has finally packed in due the alcohol abuses in the years previous to that.  I think he was especially bad when with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.  In fact there is a marvellous story of how Carlos Santana met him in a hotel in Germany and convinced him to clean up.

    According to his Wife on Walter's Facebook page, the drug in question is a new one and costs $1000 a time.  He needs a 90 day course of these, but they could actually cure the problem.
  • Is it some kind of experimental treatment, is that why it is not paid for?
    Probably just the fucked up US healthcare system.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    If that means 90 x $1000, ouch.
    Hopefully he can sell a house or something to cover it.

  • Update on Walter's health from his wife Marie:
    "Miracles happen! All your prayers and positive energy sent to Walter have worked wonders: The medication was just approved, and now Walter starts treatment tomorrow! Initially this medication was denied by the insurance company, but in the past few days Walter's team of specialists have been able to reverse that - and we now have the medication in our possession!!! Thank you again for the support and the love sent to Walter. You all own a piece of this victory"
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    Yay !

    Thats good to know . Don't stop fighting the system . You'll get what you need .
  • Oh no! I didn't know he was sick either. This medication sounds encouraging. I hope he's doing MUCH better very soon.
  • Mike_HMike_H Posts: 769
    That's a relief.
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 600
    Sorry to inform you all that despite access to the medication, Walter has now gone into full liver failure and wil need a transplant in the next few months if he is to survive.

    From Walter's wife, Marie: My heart is breaking to make this posting. We have waited a bit to make sure - but Walter's team of doctors have confirmed the diagnosis: Walter's condition has worsened - he is now in full-fledged liver failure. If he does not get a new liver within the next few months - he will not make it. I have just reached out to all our cooperation partners and cancelled all Walter's touring for 2014. He will not be allowed to travel for the next six months minimum and he will need lots of recovery time post-surgery. Walter is very, very ill currently and at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles where teams of the best surgeons and liver specialists are taking care of his survival until they can secure a high quality liver for him. I know that some of you have reached out previously with a desire to help Walter. A dear friend of ours, Kirby, has set up a donation account to help with the huge medical expenses. I can also update you on the details regarding Walter's condition, and overall treatment from this account. Walter and I so appreciate all of your support - your love and your prayers for Walter at this difficult time.

    This is not for the faint hearted, but these photos will show you how ill he is !

  • MarkHMarkH Posts: 38
    He's almost unrecognisable. That really sucks a big one.  :sad: I've always like his playing, ever since I first heard him in the late 90s. 

    As soon as I get paid, I'll make a donation. Here's hoping he makes a good recovery.
  • :>:(:
    Not good news.
  • Mike_HMike_H Posts: 769
    Bummer, just saw it on facebook earlier today.
    I guess his liver was just too far gone for treatment?
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    He does not look good at all. This is horrible.
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    oh man! I would have never known that was Walter. Can barely recognize him. I've seen Walter playing a few times and he
    indeed gives 100%. Great player and a great guy. As are his band members for that matter. I hope he has the strength to
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 600
    As Walter waits for his life saving liver transplant, his new album is shortly due for release

    Here is a video preview with John Mayall and comments from Lukather and Sayce

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