The Well Chiseled Song, And Why It Matters

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  • JoebuddhaJoebuddha Posts: 2,108
    Another really great article!
    Thanks Dave
  • RED_SGRED_SG Posts: 2,058
    Great article indeed. That situation has happened to me very often:

    Have you ever found yourself playing a song of yours for a friend? You’re sitting there sharing your latest masterpiece with her, when at some point in the song (during an intro or verse for example) you find yourself both thinking and saying, “Just wait till the bridge. It’s awesome!”

    I try to keep my songs shorter nowdays, and get ''to the point'' earlier in the song. My intros used to last forever. And speeking about bridges, I realise that they're are not always necessary...

    I listen to The Stones a lot these days. They are sloppy and not the best musicians individually, but as song writers, I find them great at that. They keep their intros short, and you don't have to wait forever to hear something happening. Either you like em or not, they come up with great hooks and don't fool around to much!
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