Jerry Goodman

jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
I LOVE the violin . I especially like it in a rock/fusion context .

Any love for Jerry ?

His first big break was getting the gig with Mahavishnu Orchestra . He and Jean Luc Ponty pioneered the use of violin in rock/fusion . Jerry went on to record and tour with Steve Morse and The Dixie Dregs and remains one of the kingpins of electric violin .

The tone is pure evil . The distortion/overdrive sound of his violin is a trademark .  :cool: I love the way he can rip . Theres something about the legato of a violin that speaks to me . Jerry has a very distinct vibrato and he has an uncanny ability to create soaring guitar-like phrases in a totally unique style .

I have always loved the unison guitar & violin that Kansas popularized in the 70s . I'm a big fan of that sound .

Jerry plays with TONS of ProgMetal/Fusion projects . Derek Sherinian , Relocator , Mind Control ...the list goes on and on . Unfortunatley his solo albums are so far removed from ANYTHING resembling rock/metal/fusion his fans are left scratching their heads .

Jerry is my #1 violin dude . :clap1:


  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,695
    I think Jerry is great as well but of all these guys I far prefer Mark O'Connor.  I just loved his brief stint in the Dregs and his overall diversity.  Equally at home playing Fusion, Country, Rock, New Age, Classical and Bluegrass
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    Mark O'Conner can play guitar as well as he plays violin . Isn't he also a songwriter/producer/manager /engineer kinda guy ?

    O'Conner doesn't have that signature sound like Goodman . He sticks to pretty traditional violin applications . Right ? Way more of a country guy . The Dregs was his only attempt at fusion that I'm aware of ....if you wanna call the Dregs fusion....I can't put them in the same category . They both play violin and both played with the Dregs . After that there is no comparison .

    Jerry is an innovator . He is the Jimi Hendrix of violin . Mark O'Conner bows at Jerry Goodman's feet .
  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,816
    Love violin in rock/prog music.

    David Ragsdale of KANSAS I always liked (big Kansas fan as well).

    Steve Vai have a couple good violin players on the "Where the Wild Things Are" tour:

    Always loved the Canadian Prog/Space Rock band FM..back in 1976 era...trio  of Violin/bass/Keys. (Nash the Slash on violin and electric mandolin):

    Jean Luc Ponty is awesome!! big fan!

  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,190
    Yeah....what about Jean Luc Ponty hmmm?? Always loved his old albums, Mystical Adventures, Civilised Evil & Enigmatic Ocean & there's a local guy around here, Geoffrey Castle who is simply fucking phenominal....makes some kick ass music & is unbelievable live......

    Violin was actually my 1st instrument & I supposedly showed some promise but I was nowhere near what these guys were/are doing......

    Shit..... not to HIJACK the topic......Yes....

    Jerry Goodman kicks ass definitely !!!

  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I still have my violin .

    I was under the delusion that maybe I could be a Mark O'Conner type and play both violin and guitar . So I took some lessons . The teacher really sucked and insisted I learn from a kid's book and refused to show me anything cool . I told him I wasn't interested in reading standard notation etc so I told him to go fuck himself .

    There waw no way I was going to be able to devote the time required to get a decent sound out of the violin . It sits in the hall closet .
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