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For those of you who don't already know, the Super Avianti has landed.

The first thing you notice about it instantly is how light it is. JB says it's less than 6 lbs, and I believe that. To put that in perspective, that's 1-2 lbs less than an average SG. It's so light, it ALMOST feels like you're picking up a toy guitar.  I'm sure my back and shoulders will be thrilled!

The workmanship across the board is first rate.The ergonomics are really impressive from stem to stern. It honestly feels like it's all neck when you play it. The body feels tiny to me compared, say to a V (tinier that it seems in pictures).  The neck is thin and fast based on my specs. The reversed layout of the headstock makes bending the high strings easier than on a strat. The orthocarve neck joint and V shape make access up high effortless. The super jumbo frets are well done, though crowned a little differently than the ones on my other guitars.  The only thing my jury is still out on  is JBs choice of bridge and trem block. He claims he tried 7 or 8 different combinations and concluded this one sounded best on his guitars. That may be, but the choice seems counter-intuitive to me. However, he did the trial-and-error -- not me, so I'm not going to draw any conclusions based on my own preconceptions about this until I've really put the guitar through its paces amplified.

Cosmetically, the guitar is custom color I worked out with JB. I call it a candy-appled Ferrari red. That is, the red leans more orange than blue, and it has the depth of a candy-apple finish. Rosewood board.  The hardware is gold, but the pickguard and pickups are white. I had asked for white knobs and selector switch but JB put gold ones on. I don't like them, so changed them to white and installed straplocks. The case is also gorgeous -- also completely custom based on my exterior and interior color choices.

It's a very impressive instrument, and -- I should stress this point: a completely different animal than any other guitar I've ever played. It doesn't feel like anything familiar. The design concepts are so forward-thinking, it will actually take some time to get used to. And as it is, I haven't had time to really get used to it yet, or even fall head-over-heels in love with it yet. I think that will come with more amplified time so that I can actually get a feel for what the guitar can do sonically.

Straplocks installed, knobs and stuff switched. Here are some pics:


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    Enjoy it!  :metal:
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    :up: awesome
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    Wow.....what a gorgeous guitar.

    I'd go for a different color scheme but it's great you got yours.

    Curious to hear a follow up down the road.

    Congrats! :up:
  • It's gonna be a while before I really get to put it through its paces with a real rig in a band/gig/recording environment.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    Wow, nothing I could say could impart just how awesome that looks. I have achieved a new level of GAS.
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    Congrats! Is it me or you don't seem to be as thrilled about it as you were expecting?
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    The look of this guitar is like bringing the word "Axe" off the page and into reality. It just projects everything that word paints in my mind.

  • Congrats! Is it me or you don't seem to be as thrilled about it as you were expecting?
    It hasn't been instant, if that's what you mean. It's the kind of guitar that you have to get used to. It's not like just buying another Strat, or whatever. It doesn't feel like anything else I own -- a Strat, or a V, or anything else familiar. And I haven't really run it through a real rig yet for any length of time.  I'll have a better feel for it in a month or two. I won't really get a chance to play it through a full rig much till my band reconvenes for rehearsals last week of October. I guess what I'm saying is that I see and feel all the potential in it, but I haven't even begun to truly tap that yet.  But I'm very glad to have it, and looking forward to doing just that.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    VERY NICE!!!! :metal:


    I hate you :biggrin2:
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    Nice.  Congrats Dave :guitar: :metal: :up: :shred:

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  • Sweet!!!!! I'm drooling.
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    That guitar just looks so cool. I would love to own one. That color is perfect. I would either do something similar to that or a Candy Tangerine with a mint pick guard. Not sure if I would do a rosewood or maple board. Congrats on owning such a badass and unique guitar at the same time…  :metal:
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    Definitely a looker, and quite a unique instrument! Congrats  :up:  :clap:

    I've visited the gallery on Byrd's website out of curiosity, and I drooled over the ones at the 1st column, 3rd row, and 2nd column, 5th row  :drool:

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    Looks great, and congrats Dave! Let me know how it sounds with proper 80s metal riffing! Sancho I'm sure is curious. ;)
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    Congrats on the guitar. It looks lovely.

    This is the SA I'd like:  image
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