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    I really, really hate it. You can hear similar stuff on Sabbath's worse songs, like Who are You and Am I Going Insane.

    Ah, I see. I agree that it didn't work well for Sabbath. Still, I like it much better than the 80s gallery of horrors: The Final Countdown, Rainbow in the Dark, Jump, the Ozzy albums...   Now THOSE are putrid synth sounds IMO.


    Ugh, those were terrible too, plus the Turbo synths outright infuriate me. And on Hysteria and Adrenalize it all just got despicable imo. For some reason I never had a problem at all with the synths on Seventh Son, but hate them on Somewhere (but then, I hated the latter anyway).

    It's funny, the one Eric Clapton solo I actually started to like back in the 80s was totally destroyed by synths, even though they were relatively sparse it was just a horrible sound, damn Collins as a producer!

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    I didn't like the opening synth to 1984, nor what opened the song Jump. But I found the solo on the latter to be so refreshing, invigorating. Like the best Mozart. Just me I guess. I love that solo, and of course Edward owns with the guitar on that one imo.
  • For 1984 I think they were using the Oberheim OB8. Rush was using those, too around then.
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    For 1984 I think they were using the Oberheim OB8. Rush was using those, too around then.

    I actually like the "Subdivisions" track, one of the few Rush songs I enjoy. The synth doesn't bother me there. It's mostly the weird sounds I've heard from the aforementioned.

    Styx often got extremely irritating with their synth stuff as well, imo. Foolin' Yourself, etc. It used to drive me to want to punch a hole in the wall. It amazed me that anyone actually liked that sound.

    But, apparently hundreds of thousands + did, so whadda I know, right?

    At one point I considered keyboards for my music, and got in contact with a fairly well know player. I sent him one of the LV1 tracks and he sent me some prelude straight outta Rising. After that I nixed the idea of a keyboard player.
  • It sounds ARP-y to me, like an Odyssey

    On further review, the portamento screams minimoog
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    I love Jan Hammer and Max Middleton .

    Max plays a Clavinet on Jeff Beck's WIRED and I really dig it .  :clap:

    The keyboard sound that Van Halen uses is a perfect example of cheesiness that I have very little tolerance for . :pissed:
  • I have grown to love vintage synths, but I used to HATE that little fill in the middle of Heart's Magic Man.
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