I Love You Paul, But You're Not THAT Cute Anymore



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    [quote author=Dinosaur David B link=topic=15072.msg229603#msg229603 date=1365188353]
    Sammy Hagar stated once (or twice) that he would like to be able to create a scenario where his fans wouldn't ever have to pay to see him play anymore.  Just do free concerts. While I'm sure Sammy could afford this easily for himself, all the people in the band, crew, venues, etc. still all have to get paid.
    Sammy will never do that, if you read his bio, he's clearly in love with money...
    I took a transatlantic flight to see Van Halen last year,so...IMO it's a balance between how much you want to see the artist and what you can afford. But even Paul McCartney is not immortal and tickets price will only keep increasing.
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