Uncle Moe's Space Ranch

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Anybody remember this album ? I can't believe it was released in 2001 ! It seems like yesterday .

This CD features guitar aces TJ Hemelrich and Bret Garsed along with Tribal Techs Garry Willis ( bass ) and Scott Kinsey ( keys ) all supported by Dennis Chambers on drums . Supposedly a fusion " Supergroup " this album is loved or hated . I could never decide for myself .  I'm just not sure what to make of this .

Wondering if anyone was familiar with this album ?


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    There is stuff about it I love and stuff I don't.
    I really love Garsed. But TJ's playing with the whammy pedal just doesnt do it for me.
    I studied with both of those guys at MI and I liked their playing more on the their first two albums.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    The first track opener is kickin' . But some of the stuff is ....just out there .

    I 've also been listening to Garsed's Dark Matter which has been growing on me . I have a hard time getting past the " muzak " to get to the good shit . What really surprises me is what a great slide player he is . :shock: Never knew .
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    I have some cassettes that we taped at MI back in like 92 where it's Brett playing with Keith Wyatt and Tim Bogert with Ray Luzier on drums and Brett and Keith are both trading slide solos and his playing is insane!
    Brett was definitely the guy who had the biggest influence on me at MI and then post MI.
    He is the single reason why I play legato at all.
    For me he is a very melodic Holdsworth, but like Holdsworth I am not a huge fan of his compositions. They really lack balls.
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    Huh .

    I can see where his legato technique rubbed off on you .Garsed really does some cool Holdsworthian legato with Derek Sherinian .

    I'm just starting to find more stuff of his I like .
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    Check this out.
    This is from a few years after I left MI.
    It shows Brett and TJ doing what they do best.
  • Wasn't familiar w/this but thanks too youtube, I'm getting familiar w/it right now.  Pretty cool, far out there stuff. ...now playing: 'sigh borg' and that liquid guitar(?) solo is pretty wicked...
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    Cool . Thanks mang .

    I'm usually a big supporter of this kinda stuff . I'm way more into Garsed's playing than TJ's ten finger tap attack . The more Garsed music I hear the more I like .  LOVE that slide .
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