Is ‘Progressive’ still a bad word to put in front of ‘Rock?’



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    Okay, this post and that avatar made my whole weekend.
    :clap1:  Good!  (Me too, on the avatar part!)
  • Cheers for the links you posted DontheGreek, +1 to you

    Managed to hear the first 3 and half songs before my connection froze up looking after may dad just now he's been pretty ill for a while and have a crap internet connection at his house. Really enjoyed what I heard before it froze up. Especially enjoyed the 2nd song Tall Ships with stunning video pictures to go with it to

    Thanks again mate will get a hold of this CD
  • DynagodDynagod Posts: 971
    To be technical Black Sabbath is Progressive rock!

    Progressive artists seeks to find whats new, blend genres like exotic cocktails and above all never become stagnant. And it's that  drive to be fresh and creative that attracts me like a moth to a flame.
    Whereas artists in most every other named genre just hope to be proper representatives and executionsists of what has already been laid down and established before them. They seek to define themselves by whats already been. copies of a copy. And inevitably replicative fading ensues, diluting the base and killing that genre as a whole even to the most die hard fan.
    its the only genre that seeks out fresh musical experiences.

    Im glad i came across this thread. Ive been trying to pinpoint any semblance of a progressive rock scene here in Boston, and though at one point in time (probably long before my time) this city was evidently regarded as quite the mecca for this particular genre it now seems nearly non-existent.(and or completely underground)
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    Love inmyhands,Agrippa's & Haff's last posts....agree completely.Same with Dynagod.

    I love anything Prog....from old psychedelic to extreme black metal & classic Blackmore & Uli to name a few....also love raunchy anti-prog too....AC/DC, KISS....Aero....Motorhead etc.  .......bring it on....

    Music needs to progress, always......but being aware of history is healthy,enlightening & crucial......

    The core of the above concepts, Purple,Sabbath & Zep.....still give me chills.... :metal:
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