Reverand Peyton's Big Damn Band

I don't work in an office but once a month we have Sales meetings.  When I got there on Friday morning my buddy was in the parking lot smoking a cigarrette and working on his laptop.  I don't have many buddies there yet, I started this job in January and since you are basically on your own a lot you don't make "office friends" at the usual speed but I've liked this particular dude from the start. I had to ride with him  one day when I was new and he had Iron Maiden and Megadeth playing and we talked a lot about other Dino related music. 

I got out of my car on Friday and walked directly to his window to ask what the hell was he was listening to.  "Reverand Peyton's Big Damn Band, " he replied. 
Drummer plays symbols and pickle buckets.
Guitar player sings and uses a thumb pick with his slide.
And the chick plays the washboard.

Check these three 'Mericans out:

So funny and such a good time.  How can you not start moving around?

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