Red Hot Chili Peppers (when they were Red Hot back in the 80's)

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I always oved their first 5 records (although One Hot Minute has great drive and energy too)
I tried to play their aggressive funky songs and guys.... let me say they ROCK if you are able to play "Mother's Milk" you are a real Funk Master. There is everything... groove, speed, drive, energy, power,feeling, good mood and all funk chords you can imagine.
What do ya think about their 80's period?
This stuff moves my lazy ass :onfire:
just watch this one:
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  • I always liked the Chili's when they do that heavy funk thing. I blame Glenn Hughes he got me into heavy funky music back in the seventies when he was with Purple, strange that Chad does the drums for him sometimes  :dancin:
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    I always liked the Chili's when they do that heavy funk thing. [/quote]

    Me too.

    I have a few records but the only one I ever listen to is Blood Sugar Sex Magic.  Love that record, but it took me several years AFTER the record was out and popular before I gave it a chance.  I thought I would hate it but all of a sudden it was a really important record.  I still listen to it once in a while and love it.  I hate Under the Bridge though and always skip Suck My Kiss, Give It Away, and Breaking the Girl. 

    They don't seem edgy these days though.  They seem like they spend a lot of time in places like San Francisco and use words like "organic" way too often in sentences that have nothing to do with food.  Although I will say that they seem like humble, genuine guys.  I just wish they whip out a Mellowship Slinky or Apache Rose Peacock once in a while.
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    I love funk music and the whole slapping bass thing. Flea is a big influence on my bass playing so I'm a fan of the Peppers, of course. My favorite albums are Mother's Milk for the rough rocking funk and BSSM for the ''less is more'' approach on the bass and the dry sound of the album. Unfortunately since ''Californiacation'' came out, they seem to be more into pop than funk. You still get to have a couple of great funky tunes on their albums, but not as much as in the 80's. I was at their concert in Ottawa this year. They're still great performers and I really enjoyed the show, athough I would have liked them to play more of the rough funk material. The songs out of the ''Californiacation'' seemed to be the crowd's favorites though, by far...
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    A band worthy of their fame. Great!!! Saw them for the first time this year, and they were amazing.
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    Yeah the Chili's were a fantastic band back in the day, I saw them in 1990 at a small club in Birmigham and they tore the place down, John was on fire then before he got too drugged up. I pretty much love all their stuff from Freaky Styley up to and including Californication but after that things rapidly went down hill for me with only a few tunes cutting it. BSSM is their best IMO. Too much bland pseudo New Wave bollocks in their more recent output sadly.

    I'm a big fan of The Funk anyway and loved that Funk Metal thing that happened between 88 and 92...Living Colour, Fishbone, 24/7 Spyz, Electric Boys, Dan Reed Network...all brilliant bands and excellent time for music!
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