Couple of short song ideas

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I'm trying to come out of my musical shell and motivate my ass well..Soooo, I figured i can kill two birds with one stone and post a couple short song ideas Ive had on the brain as well as see which idea you guys think I should give my attentions to.
Please keep in mind, these are just ideas and only scratchpad material at this phase. Trainwrecks ahead :P


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    I like 'em all--have you considered 'rolling them together' into one piece?  Start w/'maya', modulate into 'bouncy' then on to 'soaring'

    ...just a thought.

    Cool stuff!  :up:
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    I like them all. The first two sounded more like just some cool noodling but the third one had more going in what you could do with it. More of a solid meter you could easily add additional tracks to.
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    Have to say I agree with Rick. The last one seems to hold more as the start of a song.  You could as others have suggested put all three together, but definitely the last one to me has more of a solid meter as Rick stated.

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    Of the three, I would work on Soaring, and focus on expanding the melody you set up in the first 7 seconds of the clip. To me that was the strongest idea.
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  • I don't know anything about the technical parts of writing songs but I liked Maya the best even though it was the shortest clip.  I really enjoyed it and wanted to hear more.
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    They are all closely related ideas stemming from the same brainstorm, two of them share a key and timing so I can see where the notion for combining them arrives. The noodling over them is just to have a little fun and see how resistant they are to being improvised over, and in these cases at the expense of timing, intonation and technique. But that's the idea behind a scratchpad! Just throw the shit at the wall and see what sticks. Polish and perfect later.
    Admitedly, None of this is terribly Dino at this phase either, but thats only because I'm in need of a high Z direct input box so I can get my rack and boogie gear into this digital realm. (apartment living and a lack of a power attenuator make mic'ing my rig impossible)

    Thanks for the input! :-)
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