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  • Elton John.
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    Awesome - sounds great.

    Nice job guys!  :up:
  • Thanks! The mix was a touch unbalanced due to the circumstances, but we are generally pleased with the way it went.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
  • Well, the manager didn't work out. Nice guy, sincere in his belief in us.  Great "ideas guy," but didn't know how to manage.  Amy was still doing everything, doing it better, and doing it faster.  So it didn't work out, but nothing was really lost either.

    On other fronts, Amy's nomination for a Boston Music Award has landed us a gig playing the BMA pre-party, and Amy is playing a vocal & piano set AT the awards show.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    That is great news re: Amy and her nomination, not so great on the manager front.  However, like you said nothing was really lost and you gave him a shot to see if he could deliver.

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  • The band goes at cruise speed.
  • With Feints, my live rig up until now has been the Orange Tiny Terror (EL84s) an the Ampeg GVT15 (6V6s) in stereo.  The general theory behind this rig is that the OTT would provide the British crunch, and the the Ampeg has been providing cleaner definition, bass, and additional headroom.  The OTT was set to sort of Low-Medium gain, and the Ampeg has very little gain on tap anyway (think 70s Stones). The rig worked very well in that capacity.

    When I got the Fargen (EL34s), the formula needed to be tweaked.

    The first thing I tried was the Fargen and the OTT.  I set the Fargen to the Plexi mode and ran it fairly AC/DC level clean.  The additional bass response and headroom from the EL34s was immediate. The Fargen is very bright and Marshall-sounding. I rolled the treble all the way off, and dimed the bass, and cranked the mids as well. It sounded great by itself.  But what I found was that I could not roll enough gain out of the OTT to run it as "the cleaner" amp, or get enough bass response out of it.  So while the two amps sounded quite nice together in the Dino context -- especially if I let the Orange be itself, the overall sound of the stereo rig was less dimensional, and too buzzy/gainy overall for the Feints set list.  (It would be great for pure raunchy 80s metal).

    But I used that rig for my first band rehearsal with the Fargen, and my bandmates, even, Amy commented on how good the Fargen sounded.  As none of them know shit about tube type specifics, I believe what they responded to was the increased Marshally brightness and increased headroom the Fargen provides over the OTT.

    That said, the mix wasn't quite right. I essentially need 3 gain stages: warm, low gain that cleans up further when I roll back volume (think early Marshall), higher gain for more aggressive numbers (think 80s Marshall), and a lead tone for soloing, which is basically the 80s level gain boosted further.

    I have been achieving that by setting the gain at the amps conservatively, and boosting with two different Aldrich Rocket Fuel pedals.

    Anyway, the Fargen and the OTT together wasn't doing clean enough, or providing the same level of dimension I was getting with the OTT/Ampeg combo.

    So that got me thinking I should try my Peters 10 watt (EL34) with the Fargen. The Peters provides what is essentially the sound of a great, "modded Superlead" (ala Arredondo/Cameron) in a 10 watt package.  I hooked it up with the Fargen, and the two of them sounded glorious together; the EL34s blended to create a lot more headroom than I achieved with the Fargen/OTT combination.  In fact, the Peters sounded awesome on its own when A/B-ing it with the Fargen. Birds of a similar feather.

    Together, though, there were two issues.

    First, they both sounded like Marshalls, so there was no other sonic signature. Again, this combo would be brilliant for a pure heavy set of music (ala 80s Gary Moore), but is less than ideal for the set I play.

    Second, because the Peters sounds like a hot-rodded Marshall, I could not get it to clean up sufficiently, even by rolling the gain almost all the way off, de-selecting the Boost and Edge switches, and switching from Pentode to Triode mode. There was just too much gain on tap that when you try to dial it out, the amp sounds lousy.

    That is, the Peters won't do basic Plexi gain levels, and it sounds too much like the Fargen in character anyway.

    So having tried that, I decided to try the Fargen and the Ampeg.  What I got was the Marshally brightness, the EL34 headroom, and the additional bass and definition from the Ampeg without the additional buzzy gain. This was good! And this is the way I have it set up now.

    What I'm missing now is that Orangey midrange character. Because what I'm after ultimately is kind of that classic Marshall/Orange blend that gives you all the bright, Marshall top-end bite, and all of the Orange, midrange beef. But the OTT doesn't seem to provide it with it's EL84s and gain structure.

    So I was thinking, the Bogner AT MA might provide that. Bogners are voiced similarly to Oranges, and the AT MA is super flexible.  But I'm also thinking an Orange OR15 with it's more vintage gain structure (only $699) or even a Hiwatt 10-20 watter. :hmm:

    Come to think of it, I should probably try the OTT in 15 watt mode before I do anything. :idea:

    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
  • I should probably try the OTT in 15 watt mode before I do anything.
    Well I did try it, and it didn't really do any different than in the 7 watt mode. At this point, I think I may try the OR15. It's not radically different from the OTT, but from every video I've seen, you have a better chance at getting the cleaner just breaking up sound with a bit more volume/headroom, plus the separate tone controls which will help it blend better with the Fargen.  i.e. it's a bit more amp than the OTT.  I can also try it and send it back if it doesn't work out.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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