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As I have mentioned here and there, I have started a new project. Over the course of the summer (and probably well into the fall), I am going to be recording and co-producing a rock album. Instead of spreading out the updates and discussion with posts across many areas of forum organization - Guitar, Amps, Songwriting, Recording, I am going to consolidate the discussion here in the Off topic/Non-Dino area.  This music is not going to be pure Dino and certainly not metal.  If I were to characterize the genre, I would say it would be Big 70s or perhaps Pan-70s.  It will, however, ROCK.  The influences run from early 70s Rolling Stones, to Ronson-era Bowie, T-Rex, 70s Elton John, New York Dolls, and Zeppelin (which creeps into everything I do).  This is why I purchased an Ampeg amp recently.

The band is centered around the nucleus of Amy on vocals and keys, her partner in SPF500, Rob Phillips (extremely talented bassist, multi instrumentalist, and a truly AMAZING producer- check out any of the SPF500 releases), and me on most of the guitars.  We have a second guitarist, Evan, who is mostly a songwriter and rhythm player, and a really good drummer who's kit sounds like Bonham's.

Amy is the core songwriter, and she began writing her own songs and collaborating with Evan. The songs coming out were so amazing that I decided I wanted to get involved and add my stuff to the stew.  Then Rob heard them and decided he wanted in, too.  As I started getting into it, my long-dry creative juices started flowing again, and Amy and I came up with a few more songs that are also really strong.  So we have Amy songs, Amy&Evan songs, and Amy&Dave songs just for starters.

We have 11 songs written already, and what I can tell you about them is that across the board, is that the strength of these songs in this project is truly inspiring. Best set of songs I've ever been involved in. When the drummer heard them, he wanted in instantly (too).

We are determined to make an OLD-SCHOOL ROCK ALBUM. 10 songs (only) that you can get your head around as an artistic statement. We may record more than 10 songs, but any overage will be bonus tracks released separately so as to not detract from the impact of the 10 song statement. 

There are uptempo numbers, rockers, stompers, slinky sliders, and emotional ballads. Some songs are guitar driven. Some are bass or piano driven.  It will be sonically broad. It will mix acoustic and electric guitars in the same songs, some will have pianos. I will get to play lead, rhythm, acoustic, slide, maybe even a little banjo for flavor. I'll get to create all kinds of fun sonics. In short, I get to be Jimmy Page on this project: The alchemist.

We have all of the resources in place to engineer/record/produce, and mix the album. We have management waiting to shop it, and local radio ready to play it.

We had our first rehearsal last night. It was the first time all of us were playing in the room together, and it was sounding good pretty quickly!

It should be an exciting time. I'll keep you all posted here as things develop.

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    Oh YEAH! I'll be watching for news.
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    I'm looking forward to hearing this.  :clap1:  :clap1:  :clap1:
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    Also looking foreward to the end result. Good luck! Sounds like a fun project.
    Got a  name yet??
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    The name of the project is Feints. Which has two meanings - one is a maneuver made to deceive an opponent. The second is probably more appropriate for us as we are all whisky lovers: "The third fraction (part) of the distilled alcohol from the spirit still which is returned to the sprit still for redistillation."

    I didn't pick it, but it's OK with me.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    REALLY looking forward to this!
      And local if your ever noodling for fresh angles  :sly:
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    [quote author=Dinosaur David B link=topic=13834.msg210303#msg210303 date=1337700893]

    We are determined to make an OLD-SCHOOL ROCK ALBUM. 10 songs (only) that you can get your head around as an artistic statement.


    Cool--I wish more groups had the smarts to follow this approach instead of cramming an 80 minute CD with 40 minutes of 'bonus' (filler) cuts.

    Sounds like it's gonna be a cool project, looking forward to hearing this!  :clap:
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    I'll be waiting to hear this too  :up:
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    Sounds cool !
  • M11M11 Posts: 840
    Looking forward to this!

    :offtopic: What happened to the Rocktails show?
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    First episode is filmed and in editing, trying to schedule the second episode for July.  The videographer is working for free, so he works at his own pace. Probably won't see any footage till late in the year.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
  • Congratulations in advance. I am also looking forward to it like everyone else seems to be.  :up:
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    Sounds like a truly exciting project!

    Looking forward to hear it :up:
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    Looking forward to this Dave.  Should be good.

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    Good luck Dave sounds like you have got a cunning plan there. i like the sounds of it  :up:

    You also seem really excited about it which is great, I've never heard any of your music so I am really looking forward to hearing it

    Great stuff please keep us posted
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    Sounds good - what kind of vocals from Amy? If it's stuff like those songs she did with Joe, this will turn out great!
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