1977 - Uriah Heep appoint David Coverdale as new vocalist?

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I have an affliction called Uriah Heep I’ve said this before on this forum. I just can’t seem to let that band go and admit they might not be for me. Compulsive disorder maybe

Anyhoo, I was listening to their album Firefly (enjoying it actually) and reading a bit of their history and found out that when David Byron was fired a certain David Coverdale fresh out of the imploded Deep Purple auditioned for them around '77 I think.

Obviously it was not meant to be, Mr C was way too bluesy for the Heepsters with their past prog/fantasy leanings BUT actually with John Lawton they did move to a hard rock sound and shorter song structure

This makes me imagine for a moment what if? No Whitesnake? Nooooo!

I love Mk 3 Purple and I’m very fond of Come taste the band. I love classic Whitesnake. I love modern Whitesnake with Doug Aldrich. Mid to late 80’s less so.

David Coverdale himself is obviously no small part of that catalogue of tasty music. His soulful bluesy vocals are among the very best in rock ever IMHO

Do you think maybe it could have worked out and Uriah Heep would be up there amongst our classic Dino heroes?

No offence meant to any Heep fans by suggesting that they are not already up there to me there are more a Heavy Prog band but then again so are Rush?


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    Well,yeah.....massive Heep fan here.....

    Hmmmmm :hmm: Covie?? Don't know.....but I love all eras of Heep, all singers.....

    Also love all the different incarnations of Cov's Whitesnake.Obviously the old bluesy 'Snake....but the more modern,early 80s stuff wasn't too bad either....just give me some Dr. Dave, it's all good.....DP/WS/CP .....Coverdale is always heavy.....

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