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Any fans of this particular type of guitar playing?
I find the really good players often possess sick chops. Often a hybrid of RnB, Jazz, and funk stylings. It's a sound i've been attracted to for years and have picked up quite a bit from listening and playing in different situations, but still can't help but marvel at some of these cats who just live and breath this stuff.
I also have several instructional type videos with some of these players, and absorb as much as i can which i think works wonders for rhythm playing.

Some guys i've been checking out lately:

Jairus Mozee - Although he kinda comes off as a bit of a douche in this clip, he's a sick player. I have a couple of his instruction lessons and surprisingly he's actually not a bad teacher.

Paul Jackson Jr - Would love to track down a copy of this tape. Unfortunately is seems to be quite hard to come across

Any other fans of these types of players?


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    I had never heard of Jairus Mozee... impressive stuff.
    I'd love to incorporate some of this kind of playing in mine but I don't know were to start or what to practice.
    (probably start with some chords and theory  :wacky: )
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    Check out Curtis Mayfield, Pop Staples, Steve Cropper, Cornell Dupree, and Jimi Hendrix.
    That is where most of that stuff comes from.
    Paul Jackson is awesome, he's the guy who played on most of Michael Jackson's hits in the 80's
    The other guy well I can't say what I think of him on the internet, but it ain't very nice "you know what I'm saying?"
    A really simple way to start this type of playing is to visualize arpeggio shapes inside of scales and play out of the chordal positions.
    This is a very simple first step into learning this type of playing.
    I would recommend starting by learning Little Wing, then Castles Made Of Sand.
  • Thanks very much for that  :smile:

    I'm pretty familiar with all of the players you mentioned. Love them all (Cornell Dupree, especially). I had a really great Jazz teacher in the early 90's who turned me onto a lot of these players, as well as cats like Mclaughlin, Holdsworth, Pass etc.  The RnB/Gospel style is something i've had a love affair with ever since. I find the more i learn, the more the hunger more more increases. I'm always looking out for new players on the scene (as well as any and all tuitional material). Of course, a great deal of learning that stuff is through ozzmosis, so listening and jamming is as big a part of it as anything else, which i try to do as often as is possible.

    Again, thanks again for taking the time to answer. Really appreciate it  :up:
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