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Still needs some finetuning and more practise, but we played it last weekend. Let me know what do yaw'll think?

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    [quote author=EugenicScum link=topic=13480.msg204792#msg204792 date=1330400606]
    Still needs some finetuning and more practise, but we played it last weekend. Let me know what do yaw'll think?


    This song sounds more like Bevar Sea developing into a distinct personality. I don't hear the Sabotage/Hammerheart/Dopesick influences anywhere near as much.

    The drum roll at 2:40 is absolutely perfect for this song and really helps propel it in an interesting way. It's also cool how the guitar tandems past 6:00 sound to me more like a sludge-soaked Thin Lizzy than anything Priestly/Maiden. Very different and effective. Love to hear more of that kind of thing, it really works. I imagine some folks might want to hear it busier during this part, but I'm wondering if that's exactly necessary, given the Doom genre.

    It's also fantastically crushing, and I'm psyched for the debut from this band. Hope I will be kept informed. In fact, that's my main criticism, I'd love at least an EP.

    I want more.
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    You need to tune down even more... :kidding:
    Seriously, as said above you need more of those twin guitar harmonies but you need to work on it, it sounds messy at some times.
    Otherwise sounds good for a relatively young band. How long have you been playing by now ?

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    A song with faster parts is cool in my book. There are more different things happening, with the guitar harmonies and stuff. I second Andy's request, I'm waiting for an EP...

    BTW, Chacko's white V is definitely an eyecatcher... 
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    Thanks guys. I was listening to a lot of High on Fire and Grand Magus when this song was written, hehe. Patrice is right - We haven't practised this one enough at all, which is why it's messy. Fell sick and missed a bunch of rehearsals before the gig, but we didn't want to miss the chance to test it out with the live audience. Yeah, and as I get slightly better, I'm beginning to add more twin guitars to the music. Our bassist is good, so he's adding his own little things to what I bring to the table. I'll post a much improved version soon. And yes, a 40 minute album is coming out in about 3 months from now. DRG will be the first to know.

    I now need a new guitar dammit!

    Also Patrice, once I have a new guitar, I'm doing an old school death metal project tuned down to B. hah!
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    [quote author=EugenicScum link=topic=13480.msg204944#msg204944 date=1330575859]
    Also Patrice, once I have a new guitar, I'm doing an old school death metal project tuned down to B. hah!
    Once you get famous enough you should get endorsed by Diezel amps, for me it's the best tone with a detuned guitar !
  • Love the opening riff. That's huge.  It so strong, I think I would have used it (a version of that progression, but in-tempo) again between vocal verses (i.e. at point 2:20 in this vid and so forth).
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    You know it, Dave. I had to decide between doing exactly what you just mentioned, and going with what Sabbath did with Cornucopia. I eventually chose to structure the song (very loosely) based on the latter, so the song has a heavy and slow start, then introduces the fast main riff, and then onwards just alternates between fast and mid-paced for the rest of the song, with a few changes thrown in the middle during the solo, and then the Lizzy-gone-sludge (as Andy put it) thing over a 9/8 beat.
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  • Checked out the video.  :clap1:

    I listen to a lot of this type of music - and indeed my band 'Robespierre' touch on elements of it.

    Very hard to judge based on a live performance for obvious reasons. Sound quality being the main one.

    I like the band and I like the riffs. I especially appreciated the clean vocals.

    As the song is new, a lot will change and the song will evolve - particularly guitar leads and vocal melody lines. If this is seen as the basis - the starting point - once it's been 'played in' it will be top-notch.

    Good title too. If you have a good title, you can't go wrong.  :mrhappy:

    Positive vibes all round.
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