• Never changes, does it?  Can't believe Lifeson made a list like this.

    People who don't play guitar should not be allowed to make lists of the BEST guitarists of all time.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    Anyone who puts Santana or Joni Mitchell on a greatest guitarist list obviously does not play
  • [quote author=Dinosaur David B link=topic=13245.msg201068#msg201068 date=1326288400]

    People who don't play guitar should not be allowed to make lists of the BEST guitarists of all time.

    Wow, should I take this personally?  :smile:

    I wouldn't put Joni Mitchell on a list like that either and while John Lennon (for example) is one of my favorite musicians of all time, I know enough not to put him on a best guitar list. 

    Sheesh.  Just because we don't play the guitar doesn't make the rest of us brainless.  :tongue:
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    I've been playing off and on for about 20 years, and I don't feel qualified to judge who the best players are.  I can tell that Schenker isn't tripping over what he's trying to play, but I can't tell you why his stuff, Trower's and Iommi's strike me as crucial, yet other highly regarded players don't do anything for me.  Possibly I value groove over technical ability.  Might be no coincidence that two of my favorite guitar players were in bands with two of my favorite bassists (James Dewar, Geezer Butler).
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    I don't mind this guys list so much.I don't agree with a lot of it, but he is honest and admits right off the bat that it is purely subjective. I also don't think you are ever going to get everyone to agree on a top whatever guitarists of all time list to begin with. I like that he mentioned some oddballs, wether they should be on there or not is another matter, but it did make me laugh all the same.

    I much prefer it when people list "Their" top then try to say "The" top. Makes way more sense to me. BTW, my top 17 (what a weird number to go with he chose) would be A LOT different than this.

    Hey, maybe we should do a top 10 or 15 or whatever list of each of our favorites and then tabulate what the Dino rock consensus is. Narrow the field to only rock or metal players and see what we come up with.
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    "Sheesh.  Just because we don't play the guitar doesn't make the rest of us brainless."

    I'm sure there are many other contributing factors.  :roll:
  • Gosh thanks, Rick.  ...Tough room!  :tongue:
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    [quote author=guitarrednfeathered link=topic=13245.msg201065#msg201065 date=1326287797]

    Well it's about time the guy from Radiohead got noticed, right?  :036:

    I mean, after all these years and I hadn't yet noticed that Radiohead even had a guitarist! :roll:
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    [quote author=guitarrednfeathered link=topic=13245.msg201082#msg201082 date=1326317224]
    Sheesh.  Just because we don't play the guitar doesn't make the rest of us brainless.   :tongue:

    I once saw Vernon Reid argue that Kurt Cobain was a great guitar player... There are brainless everywhere :chuckle:
  • Ha!  Poor Vernon.
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,928
    I love and respect Vernon a lot.
    And to insist you can cathegorically decide what´s good art and what´s bad art is certainly a brainless endeavour.

    Cobain was a songwriter that played guitar.
    And he was a great songwriter.
    Maybe not according to your taste, but his record sales suggest he certainly was a popular songwriter, and while playing his songs, guitarist.
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
    Thank You Agrippa.

    Finally someone stands up and says it right. He played guitar. That's as far as it goes. Not great. Not very well. It was just the musical tool he used to deliver the messages he found in his mind, (like any good song writer).  :up:
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    There should be TWO lists of 50.

    Greatest TECHNICAL guitarists, and Greatest MUSICIANS who played guitar.

    That way on the first list, you get something along the lines of what's in our guitar alchemy section, and you can go ahead and throw Cobain or Neil Young  in the second list.  Frank Zappa would be in both lists, but you could then avoid the obvious clueless lists that have appeared in Rolling Stone and elsewhere.  I'd surely put my favorite, Brian May, in both as well.  Wouldn't hurt to have a separate list for songwriters.

    And just to be clear I'll show you how this works with my top ten of each.

    Technical Guitarists:
    1.  Steve Vai
    2.  Eddie Van Halen
    3.  Yngwie Malmsteen
    4.  Joe Satriani
    5.  Jason Becker
    6.  Jimi Hendrix
    7.  Uli Jon Roth
    8.  John Petrucci
    9.  John Sykes
    10.  Steve Howe

    Musicians who Were Guitarists
    1.  Jimi Hendrix
    2.  Frank Zappa
    3.  John Lennon
    4.  Van Halen (again)
    5.  Brian May
    6.  George Harrison
    7.  Paul Simon
    8.  Bob Dylan
    9.  David Gilmour
    10.  Joe Satriani

    You have now made things much more objective because you focus one of the lists on technical skills.  It is much easier to say that John Sykes is more technically proficient than Brian May, for example, even though I happen to love the MUSICAL quality of the latter's layered harmonies.  And you could place those guitarists with detailed knowledge of music theory in the second list.  But just saying "Greatest" is ridiculous.  The only way to go about a single top 100 is to throw in the word "Influential," because at least then you are warning  your readers that the list is inherently subjective.  To say Greatest is to carve the list in stone and not giving credence to anyone else's opinion.

    But then again, what the hell do I know?  I think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.
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