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Murderdolls is the side project of Joey Jordison, drummer of Slipknot though he is handling guitar in Murderdolls, and singer Wednesday 13 with some other less known guys.
They've released their first album in '02 and now eight years later their second effort is out.
They have been on pretty much on the cover of all metal mag the last 2-3 months becuase of their new album. I really don't have cared because:
a.) Wednesday 13 looks like a cheap Marilyn Manson with Nikki Sixx's haircut and bands with that look in 9 out of 10 times suck really hard.
b.) everything with involvement of Slipknot members is unbelieveably bad.

BUT when I logged onto Spotify (legal musicstreaming program) yesterday and checked out new releases there was Murderdolls so I thought: "Why not give it a shot?" (mostly becuase I thought the cover was cool)
And god I am happy I did!!!!

This is nothing like what at least I expected!
It is awesome. No growls, no blastbeats, no downtune dropped boring guitarriffs. Although I like some of those things when some bands use them they usually are used wrong and sounds terrible.
But this is like hair-metal meets thrash meets punk. The most well-known reference I can think of is Slave to the Grind, it sounds pretty much like that record, or rather if you try to imagine Pretty Boy Floyd recording the songs on Slave to the Grind and throws in some thrashpunk songs just for good measure you're pretty much dead on.

I stronly recommend everyone to check this out especially if you're into Skid Row, Slayer, Ramones and most "cheap" glam bands like Pretty Boy Floyd and Warrant. Strange combination I know, it sounds really weird - but sometimes weird is good

Summertime Suicide:

Drug Me to Hell:


Not Dino but freakin' great!!

They have this cool horror thing going on too. Like Alice Cooper of the 2010s - I also hear some Alice in their music.
So just for fun or whatever they makes this short tounge-in-cheek, horror movie-trailers.

:chuckle: :chuckle:

Anyone into them or like what they hear?


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    When they released their first album I heard a couple of tracks I liked but I never got around to checking more.

    These clips you've posted leave me with much the same feeling. I'm not running away screaming, but I'm not running out to the record store either.
    The vocals leave me indifferent. I don't hate them, but if they were better I might actually be tempted.
    Better guitar work would help also.
    There's good ideas in the songwriting but they don't always surface above the very busy production.
    I don't think I'm really their target audience, not being an angsty goth punk teen and all that...

    And while this band may be marketed to teens, it bears remembering that both Jordison and 13 are in their mid thirties and can hardly be described as the great new hope.

    I'd probably go see the band if they played somewhere convenient.
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    I think the simple guitarplaying is something they are pretty much forced to do considering their choice of music, it really doesn't lend itself to virtousic guitarplaying IMO.

    And well, yes they are in their mid-30s and won't turn the whole world upside down (and considering the money Jordison can make in Slipknot compared to this he probably won't make a huge effort break this bigtime) but it is some really good pieces of new music which isn't just the same old tired stuff put out by some old band that peaked twenty years ago (usually earlier) and have put out either the same album ever since or shit album ever since.

    This is pretty original (YMMV) and really, really good! So if you excuse, I am going to go and crank Summertime Suicide for 282873rd time today :metal:
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    [quote author=mr_crowley link=topic=11005.msg167804#msg167804 date=1283769541]
    This is pretty original (YMMV)
    My mileage does indeed vary...
  • [quote author=mr_crowley link=topic=11005.msg167804#msg167804 date=1283769541]
    I think the simple guitarplaying is something they are pretty much forced to do considering their choice of music, it really doesn't lend itself to virtousic guitarplaying IMO.

    I think you can play awesome guitar in any music.
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    why do I get the feeling that the line about having an obsession with Smith & Wesson in Bored Til Death is going to wind up in the
    news someday.
    Musically speaking, not my cup of tea
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