Agah Bahari

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Another cool discovery thanks to Jay G . :up:

This kid was born in Iran[1983] and immigrated to Toronto . Somehow he hooked up with Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati and recorded a fearless CD of the heaviest Prog Metal imaginable .

The Second Sight of a Mind is faster and heavier than Planet X . Agah somehow got a hold of Metallica and Slayer albums growing up in Iran and managed to go to music school in Malaysia . I'm impressed with his compositional skills . Combining that skill with a penchant for speed metal adds up to a very interesting listen .

Its a testament to this kids desire to play that he was able to get out of what must of been a totally shitty situation and forge ahead in a genre where its really tough to get a gig no matter where you live .

If you dig Planet X ish Prog Metal Agah Bahari is worth a listen .  :clap1:


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    glad you are enjoying this.  One of my favorites from the last bunch of 20 or so I bought.  I can't remember if this is one I picked up after hearing 30 seconds of a track or after reading a review.  I think it may be the former.  Either way it is very nice stuff.
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    You guys are supposed to post a music clip!!!   :sad2:

    Oh never mind. i'll do it.  :biggrin2:
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            Thank You. I just don't know how the Dino Forum complimentary inclusions have eroded to such a degree. It's good of you to take the time to re-up the standard to an acceptable level. Both teacher and gentleman. Well done.  :smile:

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