The Black Keys

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I love these guys. Love, love, love, love, love.  Love the filthy, distorted, bluesy rock guitar.  Love the concept of the band.  Love the lyrics.  Love the riffs, melodies, funkiness.  Love the slightly vintagy thing. Love the cool factor.  Love the simplicity.  Love the production.  Even love the cover art on their albums. Love, love, lick, nibble, bite, love.

Anyone else?

Here, have a taste:


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,494
    They are actually pretty good.....they are what the White Stripes would sound like
    if they were actually good.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I like them .  :cool:

    I wish they had a bass player . :silenced: Whats with the two man band thing ? It just feels like there is something missing . I'm waiting for something to happen .

    But what do I know . These fuckers are selling out their shows EVERYWHERE . :hmm:
  • [quote author=jebbudda link=topic=10616.msg162285#msg162285 date=1276237278]
    Whats with the two man band thing ?

    I saw an interview where Dan (guitar) said they'd both seen an add to put a band together somewhere but when they got there they were the only two who showed up!  So they just went with it.  :LOL:  Don't know if that's a true story or he was just fooling around but I've always thought it was funny.
  • Mike_HMike_H Posts: 769
    I saw them in summer 2009 at Ottawa Bluesfest. They are pretty good, especially given that there were only 2 guys, drums and guitar.
    My only complaint is that it got kind of 'samey' sounding after a while. I guess that might be expected. All in all, good band though.
  • StevilStevil Posts: 3,334
    I'm with you guys on the guitar/drums thing and that it gets boring after a while.
    That being said they do know how to write dirty blues + I like their album "Attack and Release".
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