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The other dayI walked intoa guitar shop and I heard something really cool comig from the stereo, I asked the shop guy what was it and he said Robben Ford. I've heard Robben Ford before, and althoug the playing was superb, the music bored me, blues or funkk fusion (don't know how to call it) this was more tradiotional blues rock style. Which record could have been? I want to get more of this accesible RObben Ford.


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    Some Robben Ford is outside the box for sure . He refuses to play any standard recognizable lick .

    Try Tiger Walk if you can find it . Truth has some nice stuff too .

    I really like his slower clean tone vibe . One of my all time faves is LIFE SONG off the CD titled Robben Ford and the Blue Line . I've worshiped over his tone and phrasing on that tune for years . Its just superb . :pray:
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    Isn't there another Robben Ford thread like halfway down the page? :ohwell:

    Anyways, who has heard the Renegade thing w/ Michael Landau? Just learned of it. Sounds promising.
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    I have a 2CD live Michael Landau performance that is outstanding...well disk I is outstanding . Some really bitchin' stank ass strat abuse that immediately caught my attention .

    The Renegade CD is ok . I got to hear it the other night on route to a gig and nothing grabbed me . Really I didn't get a good listen but usually you can tell right off the bat if it smokes . Michael Landau is 50/50 for me . Sometimes I think he is brilliant and other times he puts me in a coma . But when he's rockin' out WHOA ! :up:

    I have Robben Ford's latest ...Soul on Ten....and its lame . :down:
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    Talk to Your Daughter is pretty mainstream, as far as RF goes.
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