Stevie Salas anyone?

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I just dug out my copy of Sass Jordan's Rats album and this dude is great. Got one of his solo albums too. Mostly not dino but he's got a real ballsy approach, his solos are full of attitude and I love his funky rhythms. He also played with George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.


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    I've heard other things he's played on. Good player, but nothing I've heard was particularly memorable specifically due to him.
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    I have a few things by him and I dig his chunky funky style. I love his Colorcode and Back From The Living discs.
    I'm more of a fan of his rhythm playing than his leads. The Colorcode CD has some nice fat riffs on it, especially
    Two Bullets And A Gun. Would love to catch him here in New York but I don't think he comes this way. I think he has a bigger
    market outside of the U.S.
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