Good nu metal bands?

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Are there any? I've always liked certain elements about the genre but I've never really been able to really appreciate the bands I know. I only know the really famous ones though. Are there any that did it right? Good guitarists?


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    The only "nu-metal" band I really appreciated was Linkin Park. Chester Bennington has something very Halfordy about him (maybe it's image?).
    Their music and lyrics really spoke to me when I was 13. I still have a soft spot for their work up until Meteora. After Meteora they went in a more hiphop direction, which didn't do it for me. I still respect them as writers/arrangers, but I think the only element I still really appreciate about their stuff is Chester's vocals. The guy can sing his ass off when he wants to, and I think he'd work really well in a dino context.
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