Okonokos - My Morning Jacket

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These days, I think most of the artistically inventive music is coming out of the indie scene. Bands like My Morning Jacket, MGMT, Phoenix, Animal Collective, Real Estate, and Grizzly Bear are getting a lot of recognition for the freshness they are bringing to music.

I have my reservations about some of the aesthetic qualities of indie rock; the vocals sometimes are very lazy and underpowered, as are the guitars (at times), but these are reactions against the macho-ness and such of hard rock and especially grunge. However, I have really started to appreciate what these kinds bands are doing, and I think people on this website would be wise to at least see what indie rock is all about.

Like it or not, new Dino music is not very popular in today's music climate. The old Dino bands like Zep and Sabbath and Deep Purple are still influential and important, but the newer groups that continue to make Dino music are not what resonate with young people as much as indie/rap/electronica seems to.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to recommend an album that I think combines a lot of elements of Dino Rock and Indie Rock: Okonokos by My Morning Jacket. This is a live album, and there are a lot of great songs on here, and very ballsy vocal performances as well, which is something that is usually totally lacking in Indie Rock.

Here's a video of one of the performances:

I'm curious to know that you guys think of this band, and of Indie music in general.
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