Steel Panther back in Vegas

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A Freind of mine from work is also the lighting guy at Green Valley Ranch here in Las Vegas, He said that Steel Panther will be back there every Saturday night for any of you who like them and happen to be out in the middle of the Mojave dessert. They used to be there every Friday but will be doing Saturdays now. Just thought I would post it since some of you really seem to like them.


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    I loved their live show .  :up: :metal: :ohyeah:

  • If it is like it was when they were playing there before the show will start at midnight on Saturday's(used to be Friday's) and there is no cover. The guys used to fly in from California the night of the show with just their clothes and their guitars......GVR provided the risers and ramps etc. and they used rented backline. I don't know what they get paid anywhere else but for a band that plays mostly or all covers they make serious cash for a two set show here!
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    These guys are SO dope.  :up:
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