Fave Dino Rythm sections (Bass and Drums).

AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,943
There are so many, here´s some of mine:

The Who: Entwistle + Moon

Hendrix Experience: Noel Redding + Mitch Mitchell

Hendrix Band Of Gypsies: Billy Cox + Buddy Miles

Blue Oyster Cult: Albert and Joe Bouchard

Rush: Lee + Peart

Judas Priest: Ian Hill + Dave Holland

and my absolute fave:
THE SCREAMING BLUE MESSIAHS: Chris Thompson + Kenny Harris

And a VERY close second:
Rory Gallagher: Gerry McAvoy + Ted McKenna
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  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    Geezer Butler + Vinnie Appice (I know I should say Bill Ward but I like Vinnie better :tongue:)
    Ian Paice or Cozy Powell  + Neil Murray
    Eric Singer + Bob Daisley (check out Gary Moore's Live At Isstadion if you don't believe me)
    Clive Burr + Steve Harris (mostly because Harris played a lot better in Maiden's early days)
    Lemmy + Mikkey Dee

    Geddy Lee + Neil Peart go without saying.
  • JoebuddhaJoebuddha Posts: 2,125
    Bonham and JPJ absolutely!
    Although I can give an honorable mention to Ian Paice and Glenn Hughes.
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    Stefan Kaufmann and Peter Baltes- Accept
    Munetaka Higuchi and Masayoshi Yamashita- Loudness
    Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams
    Ian Paice and Roger Glover
    Mike Portnoy and John Myung
    Jerry Gaskill and Doug Pinnick
    Brian Downey and Phil Lynott
    Leonard Haze and Phil Kennemore
    Andy Parker and Pete Way
    Cozy Powell and Neil Murray
    Peart and Lee
    Bonham and Jones
  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,221
    I'll add:

    Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser - Free
    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    Pat Travers Band .....from the Crash and Burn / Go for what you Know era .

    Mars Cowling ....totally under estimated . The guy is AWESOME  . Tommy Aldridge Drums . Pat Travers had a smokin' band back in those days . It sucks they broke up . Pat never recovered . He could have been huge .Those guys were great . :smile:
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    [quote author=jebbudda link=topic=10460.msg159934#msg159934 date=1274301718]
    Pat Travers Band .....from the Crash and Burn / Go for what you Know era .

    Mars Cowling ....totally under estimated . The guy is AWESOME  . Tommy Aldridge Drums . Pat Travers had a smokin' band back in those days . It sucks they broke up . Pat never recovered . He could have been huge .Those guys were great . :smile:

    amen to that! I forgot to include Tommy and Mars
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,797
    In no particular order:

    Geezer Butler and Bill Ward  (Black Sabbath)
    Roger Glover and Ian Paice  (Deep Purple)
    Ian Hill and Dave Holland  (Judas Priest)
    Joe Bouchard and Albert Bouchard  (BÖC)
    Lemmy and Simon King (Hawkwind)
    Steve Harris and Clive Burr (Iron Maiden)

  • HaffnerHaffner Posts: 7,920
    Stefan Kaufmann and Peter Baltes- Accept
    Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams
    Ian Hill/Les Binks
    Ian Paice and Roger Glover/Glenn Hughes
    Cozy Powell and Neil Murray/Chris Glenn

  • merlo_zeppelinmerlo_zeppelin Posts: 1,405
    Bohnam, Jones
    Paice, Hughes

    Blotzer, Croucier (RATT)
    Downey, Lynnot
    Van Halen, Anthony
    Tichy, Lomenzo (Pride & Glory) (OMG!!)
    Appiece, Franklin (Blue Murder)
    Castillo, Daisley or Inez or whoever played on No More Tears.
    Whitesnake cofuses me a little bit with all the remix versions and personeel changed but from what I found out:
    Powell, Murray (Slide in it) Slow n` easy is such a killer groove
    Dumbar, Murray (1987)
    Aldridge, Mendoza (live DVD)

    I know they are probably not all that great, but I love GNR rythym section (both with Adler and Sorum, I really like Duff Mckagan's style and his bass tone I always found pretty unique)
    and I think Girls/Feelgood era Motley Crue (especially Feelgood) has some KILLER grooves by Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx played ok in those (not great, ok)
  • Jeb, you beat me to the punch. Aldridge/Cowling were absolutely stellar. They not only had power, they had groove for days. That live record is a gem. Between the rhythm section and Thrall/Travers as a tag team, they has something unique and special. I was mightily disappointed when I saw PT on the Crash and Burn tour and he had replaced Aldridge and Thrall was gone. All the musicians that I hung with made a little cheering section for Cowling and every time he came to our side of the stage, we popped big time for him. I think he was surprised he got such an intense reaction from us specifically for him. He deserved it, what a monster.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I was really lucky to see them in the heyday . What a superb live show . :dancin: I saw them BEFORE the release of Crash and Burn , probably one of the last shows with that line up , and they played some cuts off C & B . Then I saw them with RAINBOW on the tour supporting C & B . Eventhough Thrall and Aldridge were gone those shows kicked ass . ( I followed them thru the Mid Atlantic like a Pat Travers Ritchie Blackmore Dead head ) RB was beyond belief at The Tower .  :shock: I was in awe . Those were the days . :woohoo:

    Mars Cowling had some really cool tricks with delays and other effects . I've never seen anybody do anything remotely close since . Its amazing to me that hardly anybody knows who he is . :rolleyes:
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,653
    I would also have selected the afore mentioned:

    Joe and Albert Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult
    Roger Glover and Ian Paice from Deep Purple
    John Entwistle and Keith Moon from The Who
    Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser from Free

    and would like to add:

    Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker from Cream
    Mel Schacher and Don Brewer from Grand Funk Railroad
    Felix Pappalardi and Corky Laing from Mountain
    Chuck and John Panozzo from Styx
    Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith from the original Alice Cooper Band
    James Dewar with either Reg Isidore or Bill Lordan from the finest Robin Trower lineups
    Greg Lake and Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Paul Harwood and Jimmy Ayoub from Mahogany Rush

  • Cowling was great with Nicko too in the early days.

    Here's my favs (most have been mentioned here already):

    Bonham and Jones
    Moon and Entwistle
    Downey and Lynott
    Peart and Lee
    Powell and Glen (MSG)
    Blotzer and Croucier
    Cowling and Aldridge/McBrain
    Mitchell and Redding
    Rudd and Williams
    Bruce and Baker
    Paice and Glover
    Kemper and Zoomer (Vandenberg)

    I won't mention Van Halen since the brothers were more part of the rhythm section than Anthony was.
  • Hughes - Paice
    Jones - Bonham
    Butler - Ward
    Baltes - Kauffman
    Murray - Paice
    Franklin - Appice
    Lomenzo - Tichy
    Lynott - Downey
    Wright - Mary
    Sarzo - Banali
    Mendoza - Donati
    Sheehan - Bissonette
    Church - Carmassi
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,621
    In order:

    1. Tommy Lee/Nikki Sixx - mostly becuase of Lee. God he knows how to groove, he is the force behinds Mötley's songs and absolutely the one that makes it all work and sound as good as it does. With some other more straight boring drummer they wouldn't be much to take notice of, they would sound very "flat" I imagine. Sixx also shows some flashes of brilliance sometimes but he is pretty standard, he wrote all the songs though which is just as important.
    Wild Side: GROOVE!! The whole song is build around the drums IMO, pretty why I listen to it and the kick-ass lyrics :metal:
    Dr. Feelgood: Well, put it and get blown away by the mighty drumming on the intro, Lee at his finest

    2. Ingo Schwittenberg/Markus Grosskopf - precise and fast. A big part of the sound of Helloween in the golden era, held down the bottom perfectly when Hansen and Weikaith went away in long guitar duells. Grosskopf is also a pretty fast guy on the bass and puts some licks in some places of some songs which is supercool. Schwittenberg came up with which would end up as the way you DO play drums when you play powermetal, no need to discuss it.
    Pretty much any songs from the three first albums would prove my point but those that springs to my mind is:
    Eagles Fly Free: A showcase for both Grosskopf and Ingo, at their peak IMO.
    I'm Alive: Listen, take note... This is how you play powermetal!

    3. Nick Menza/Dave Ellefson - no explanation needed really? The rhytm section on all three most classic Megadeth albums IMHO. Though I must say I love Peace Sells... it looks very unfocus and unmatured when compared to Rust, Countdown and Youthanasia. Those are just the perfect thrashalbums especially Rust In Peace. It doesn't gets much better really...
    Ellefson is my fav bassplayer too. I love his style!
    Tornado of Souls: the chorus! Holy hell!
    Train of Consequence: the guitar adds a lot to the groove of this song it wouldn't be half as effective without the complementing basslines and the drumming.

    4. Joey Kramer/Tom Hamilton: the grooves is what drives Aerosmith IMO. The grooves (with Bradford often also adds too) with Perry's parts laid upon is classic Aerosmith and something I try to apply to some songs I write too though it often clashes with the taste of my bandmates :tongue:
    Rag Doll: looove it! My fav song and it is an impressive rhtymwise straight through
    Sweet Emotion: Everybody ever picking up drumming or a bass should be forced to listen to this song until they nail it, when you can do that you can do pretty much everything at least I look for in drummers, except maybe over the top double bassdrum stuff but I can live without that.

    That is pretty much my top four. Two that really grooves and two that blazes but still retain some kind of feel of a groove. Not just your typical 16th notes speed metal "look-how-fast-I-can-hit-the-bassdrum" with what feels like random hits on the cymbal and snare drum.
    But I take groove over speed any day of the week.
    First off it is much more fun to play over, it much easier to come up with cool guitarparts over and the best of all girls likes it and dances to grooves!

    Honorable Mention:
    Blotzer/Croucier - RATT
    Adler/McKagan - Guns n' Roses
    Bohnke/"Eggi" - Edguy
    Coury/Brittingham - Cinderella

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