Toto - Kingdom of Desire

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Any love for this album? This is the Toto album I listen to most, I think Luke sounds great on this. Also a little heavier than the usual Toto stuff, sounds a bit like Giant sometimes imo. Some excellent riffs too. Too bad they never played much stuff from this album. My favourite songs are the title track, Never Enough, Kick Down The Walls and She Knows the Devil.


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    Yeah, there's a few good guitar tracks on that one. Not really heavy, but heavier for Toto.  According to Luke, the Toto fans weren't having it.
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    Love this cd!
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    Beats me why Luke ripped on this one. I heard a Ten Years After tune today that reminds me of  this album.
    Not much riffage going on.Too thin .Or maybe too fast, not memorable. True for the heavyness. But more like it was used to compensate for  less layered tunes.

  • One of the best Toto albums in my opinion. Some sappy ballads, but there are some great rocking tracks on that one. For heavy Toto, try the title track of their last album, Falling in Between. The riffage on that one is Dream Theater style heavy.
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    When I saw them a few years ago (well, 2002) they played "Don't Chain My Heart" - bought the album when I got home.

    Much better than some of the sappy stuff on the Joseph Williams era records.
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