Oz Noy, Will Lee, Dave Weckl photos

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from the Iridium Jazz Club last night. These guys kicked all kinds of ass!
Talk about a power trio!  :up:



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            These are some killer photos, man. Is this your day job? Are you a photographer by trade?
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    [quote author=inmyhands link=topic=10366.msg158605#msg158605 date=1272724475]
            These are some killer photos, man. Is this your day job? Are you a photographer by trade?

    I appreciate that inmyhands. I tell people I'm just a guy with a camera. Photography has been my hobby since the mid 80s.
    What I think helps my shooting is that I played drums in various local bands for about 15 years so I've been around musicians
    a lot and I've seen a ton of live shows. I try to think outside the box and get different angles whenever possible instead of just
    shooting straight on all the time. Plus I have a good understanding of f stops, shutter speeds, composition and how to shoot in low light
    without flash.

    I'm actually a computer tech so I don't do photography for a living. Making money doing concert photography is a tough nut to crack.
    Seems everywhere you turn is another guy with a camera. Back in the early 90s I went around to various music mags inquiring about
    hooking up with them but it turned out to be a catch 22 situation. Right now I shoot for the American Blues News website but that hasn't
    started making any money yet for anyone. It does get me access to certain shows which is a nice benefit. Maybe someday someone with some
    pull at a magazine will see my stuff and give me a call. In the meantime I'll continue to combine my love for live music with photography.

    Oh, one bit of good news is that a fairly well known band wants to use some of my photos of them for an upcoming DVD. Not to jinx it I won't
    mention their name now. It would be a nice notch on my belt if it happens.  :up:
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