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For those that don't know, Jesse Cook is a canadian flamenco-esque guitarist. I'd recommend checking him out for ideas about phrasing and melody. In many ways he is an anti-dino: modern, jazzy at times, and exclusively acoustic. But goddamn he can shred on an acoustic like no other. Anyone else listen to him?


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    I have his first 2 cds, and thought he was very good.  For no reason at all, I just haven't kept up with him.  I guess sometimes there is just so much music (at least for me) to keep up with.  If I recall, I liked the Tempest better than the 2nd disc (can't recall what the name is at the moment).

    But yes, I actually did listen to a lot of flamenco/nuevo-flamenco guitarists for new phrasing ideas during the late 90's.  Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Armik, Shahin & Sepehr (sp?), Oscar Lopez to name a few.  The one that has a very fluid, slippery style is Armik.
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    I love this kinda stuff......when I'm in the mood....but the new age fluff boarders on muzak at times . I'm WAY more into Strunz and Farah when it comes to this genre . These guys smoke . :metal: Steve Stevens can play his ass off too .

    The other great apect to this nuevo-flamenco latin world style of guitar playing is that THE CHICKS LOVE IT . I've seen Strunz and Farah and Ottmar Liebert perform and it was like being at the Playboy Mansion both times . Plus the music is great . My jaw was on the floor . Adashir Farah had a line out the door of some of the hottest classy lookin' babes ever waiting to get their picture and autograph ...and probably a shit load of hotel room numbers to boot. These women were in heat I tell ya !

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    this nuevo-flamenco latin world style of guitar playing is that THE CHICKS LOVE IT .

    :onfire: Absolutely. Agreed. No doubt.  :sly:
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