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Lots of Austin City Limits episodes on

Very good one, the pilot, with Willie Nelson

Interesting thing here..."Whiskey River" was written by San Antonio native Johnny Bush.  My dad was Johnny's accountant.  I vividly remember seeing on his amortization report the depreciation of a Takamine guitar.

Then, when the IRS came after Willie for back taxes, turns out that Johnny had recorded an album in Willie's home studio.  So my dad had to go to war with the IRS to get the tape, because Willie's studio had been seized.  Long story short, Dad got Johnny's tape for him.

Johnny is a great guy.  Met him only once, while I was working as a receptionist for my dad.  I was too awestruck to ask him if I could jam with him sometime.  

That link also lets you see Asleep at the Wheel's Ray Benson in action. That MOFO is a BEAST on the guitar.
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