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  • Our new pup.

    Picked up our new Aussie yesterday.

  • I am Covid 19 positive.

    Cheers Guys, well I am the other side of it now, the recovery is slow, but it is there, let me tell you those people that say its just like the flu, tell them to fuck off!  It isn't, its nasty and I was lucky,  my case was horrible but nowhere near as bad as some or those sadly that have died, be safe, be sensible and we will all rock on! 
  • NGD Chubby Gary

    NGD Chubby Gary

    Not this one:

    THIS one!

    Everyone here knows very well -- for 20 years -- that Gary was one of my two favorite lead players of all time (the other being Schenker).  It was Gary’s Strat tones (along with Blackmore and Beck) that made me appreciate what a Strat could do in the context of overdriven, heavy rock, and those influences eventually led me to build the Blackmocaster — a guitar that’s very capable of producing very, very Gary-like Strat tones.  But at that time (around the same time I started DRG), I’m not sure why I sought to create a Blackmocaster rather than a Moorecaster.  It literally never crossed my mind at that time, though it probably should have. Maybe it was because no one was relicing guitars back then. 

    Regardless, during that all-important period of Corridors, Victims, and We Want Moore, I, like every other GM fan, was completely enamored with Gary’s 61 red Strat, and the tone he created with it.

    Here’s the best example of it in action (IMO).  It’s an old video, but I cleaned it up a bit and color corrected it.

    Back then, that color was commonly referred to as salmon pink. Another of us Dinos of similar age who was just as fanatical about heavy rock Gary as we are, is John Cruz of the FCS.  After many years of hoping-to, Fender finally gave Cruz the go-ahead to recreate Gary’s red 61 Strat down to the nearest molecule.  And he did. And he killed it. A total labor of love. It also comes with an oversized, huge (way-too-heavy for me) anvil case and a bunch of cool case candy — including a recreation of Gary’s 80s studded strap.

    Problem. That guitar goes for $20K+. Lowest price I’ve seen is $18K used. Even though the guitar is amazing, that price is ridiculous. Put it this way. My FCS Wildwood 10 61 relic’d Strat is in many ways the very same guitar. It has the same, exact John Cruz pups in it. The only real difference is mine is candy apple red and has less relicing. My guitar went for $5400 new, and I paid about $2500 used. Great guitar.  Unfortunately, while the JC pups sound great, they’re true SCs, noisy as fuck, and that makes the guitar hard to use. The guitar also has 21 frets, and these days, I greatly prefer 22 — to the point of adding a 22nd fret to the Blackmocaster 19 years after building it.  

    So while I certainly admired what John Cruz achieved, the price was insane, I already have a very similar Strat, I certainly don’t want an anvil case, and I already have a strap like Gary’s. So it never crossed my mind to have one.

    So fast forward to when Curt and Matt were still working on my beater Strat. I had been looking at the Chubtone Instagram page when I came across a picture of a, gorgeous, dead-on Chubtone-made replica of Jimmy Page’s Dragon Tele

    This was well before the FCS recently put out their version of the Tele. And while Fender were smart enough this time to put out a $1400 version, the high-end FCS version is $20K-$25K.  But here was good, old Chubtone putting out a fantastic looking, highly detailed replica of a famous guitar.  And the lightbulb went on for me. If they can recreate something as complicated as the Dragon Tele, I bet they can recreate Gary’s Strat. 

    But more importantly, they could build it to MY personal specifications. And that was really key. I didn’t want a straight copy of Gary’s guitar. I actually wanted it to be a Chubtone! I wanted like what I did with the Blackmocaster, and what Chubtone did recently with Mark’s LeTekro Strat: An inspired-by tribute guitar.  So I talked to Curt and he thought it was a cool idea, so he and Matt picked up the gauntlet and took the challenge.  We spec'd out the details as follows:

    Lightest piece of alder he could find.


    • Quarter-sawn maple
    • C shape


    • Rosewood
    • Clay dots
    • 22 Frets - 6100 
    • 12” radius
    • ROUNDED AT HEEL after 22 fret

    All relic’d hardware:

    • Vintage style bridge with large steel trem block 
    • Kluson vintage style LOCKING tuners
    • Pickguard 3-Ply Mint Green 
    • knobs - Vintage White 
    • Switch Tips - Vintage White 

    Noiseless Duncan SCs (the only Strat configuration I didn’t already have).

    As for the color, Chubtone agreed to match the photos of Gary’s Strat as closely as possible. The truth is, this fucker is NOT straight up Fiesta Red -- AT ALL.

    Part of why the guitar took so long (about a year) was due to the paint job on the original which is somewhat of a mystery. There’s an article describing the original that stated: “What was it originally? John Cruz of Fender’s Custom Shop wasn’t certain, but he said with the kind of yellow primer base that’s visible in places it could have been Sunburst originally. To confuse matters further, the top coat of ‘Fiesta’ red paint is lighter than another coat of red finish that’s visible underneath.” While it’s impossible to say if Gary’s ’61 Strat is one such guitar, as (Gary’s tech) Graham points out, you can clearly see that a thin, milky-red finish has been sprayed onto a darker coat of red paint underneath. 

    So because ALL the colors are visible in the wear and tear, Chubtone had to paint a yellow base, and two different reds — all nitro — with all of the associated drying and curing time in between coats. 

    Then Matt had to get down to relicing the very specific wear patterns. Some of the build pics are on the Chubtone Instagram page. I think he’s done a great job.  

    So behold, the Chubtone Moorecaster.  For a whole lot less than $20K! Built to my personal specifications.  You want to see how close he got to the Cruz and the original, go back and check some of the links above. 

    Complete with the distinctive red spot and crackly paint.

    You can see the yellow undercoat.

    The back of the original has very distinctive wear.

    They even nailed the wear and age on the back of the neck, the headstock and the decal.

    I think it was worth the wait!


  • Cary (bourbonsamurai) in the NOLA ICU, NOT covid-19

    i just got released.  i have a clean bill of health, and it's great to be back with family at home!  thanks for all the encouraging words, all!
  • Dinosaur Rock Guitar Forum...a respite from guitar forum douchebaggery

    I've always felt that a small community of GOOD people is better than 10K clueless douchebags.
  • Michael Schenker rehearsing

    I really enjoyed this, especially since he started with Lovedrive which has one of my favourite Scorpions songs/solos. He looks so relaxed here, and even though he is thin as a rail I am guessing healthier than some years back by a good margin. Nice to see Hermann and Francis too

  • Another NGD

    Here it is with the black guard:

  • I am Covid 19 positive.

    I am getting a new axe, looking at an SG or ESP Viper. Got a gig lined up, the Boogie is back out of Storage and Rock is back on the menu!  
  • A new music Project for me

    Woo hoo! Drummer delivered the first track, and it kills! I start tracking guitars this week!
    We are finally unstuck!
  • A new music Project for me

    Just finished tracking REAL rhythm guitars against the new drum tracks for our first song. Most fun I've had with my clothes on since the lockdown! Immensely satisfying to hear REAL guitars recorded with REAL amps coming back at me through the monitors for the first time in forever (since Feints).