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  • Royal Republic

    Just discovered that swedish dance-rock band.
    Full of greeeeat guitars, rithms and melodies. Very entertaing. Some rock, dance, boggie, mixed on different balance of ingredients on each song. Great great playing. The members are Dino, for sure, but not the band.
    Well, in the state of the today music, I can consider them DINO.

  • Pondering upon REO Speedwagon

    neil doughty is the unsung hero of this band!
  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    An excellent diptych (originally intended as a 2 LP concept album) showing that 21st century mainstream hard rock can be very inspired, extremely well performed and produced. 

    I don't buy new Hawkwind albums anymore, as my expectations are reasonably low, but I always check them out as soon as they are on YouTube, out of love for the band's past achievements. This new one isn't an exception to the rule: it is decent enough, but really forgettable -- a far cry from they heyday. Still, Dave Brock has turned 78 years old and I wish I'll be able to rock like him if I ever reach that age...

    One of those albums that make me feel "at home". I don't even listen very often to Jethro Tull, but every now and then, I just need to play one of their albums, like a breath of fresh air. The title track on Aqualung was one of the very first things I learnt when I started playing guitar. What a fantastic riff. And the solo wasn't too intimidating but very formative. 
  • Beast From The East

    I have that album on vinyl but just bought a used copy on CD yesterday. It is a great live album and George smokes on it. The live version of Mr. Scary is impressive for the mere fact that it is only one guitar recreating multiple guitar tracks from the studio version....and he pulls it off well. I saw him do that song with Lynch Mob live in a club in Wilmington, NC back in 1990 and it was sick.
  • "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    I saw it, it was good, not great, but good. Rami Malek really did an excellent job, great acting. 
    What I like about this is the fact that it has brought Queen's music to the mainstream again, maybe it could start to bring some attention to some good new rock bands, with good songs and musicianship. 

    You're probably right with the younger audience.....but man did Mike Myers and Dana Carvey really breathe new life into that band from that one scene in 'Wayne's World'. That song had more of a cult following before that movie...and afterwards it became the band's signature song and became a huge hit. Queen was super successful in the 70's and 80's.....but really became a household name in the early 90's and their music became relevant again. I really wonder what the spike in their album sales were after 'Wayne's World'....because that was well before music downloading came into play.
  • Can you point to ONE SONG?

    When Van Halen 1984 came out and was a huge success, that set up a lot of kids my age for both some of the heavier music of the time as well as building a bridge to the 70s. Most rock music I'd heard to that point was pretty mellow, as neither of my older brothers were into anything very heavy, and there wasn't any rock radio. So I remember hearing the album in its entirety when one of the older neighbor boys played it, and it sounded wild, kind of dangerous, and really carefree. It was really exciting.

    It's funny to look back now, because Jump was a hit and that's pretty much how I knew Van Halen at that point. So when Jump was over and Panama started, it was actually kind of a shock. It's funny to think now that it sounded really heavy to me, but the heaviest thing I'd probably ever heard to that point was Loverboy.  
  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    Image result for slash aint life grand
  • R. Lee Ermey Dead At 74

    Full Metal Jacket was a great if weird movie to me, it seemed to change after what was for me a brilliant first chapter into something obviously less inspired imo. However, both Ermey and D'onfrio were incredible in that film. Ermey also stole the show in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboots imo, in fact I feel those movies were worth watching  because he was in them (though Jessica Biel certainly didn't hurt the eyes).

    As I get (certifiably) old, I've been moving away from commenting on dead strangers (plus completely through with celebrating dead stranger's past birth and death days), However, I'll never forget Ermey's acting, he was a real standout imo

    . RIP

  • BluGuitar Amp1

    Eric Johnson/ Joe Bonamassa in a box.
    Geeze, I hope not!  ;) :p
  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    totally filthy grooves.  completely insane guitar.
    Two great albums right there.....several years ago Bruce Bouillet was offering that scream album as a free download off his website. I wish he and Corabi would get that band back together. It's a shame there was not follow up to that album....but Corabi went off to Motley Crue.....

    That Salty Dog album I bought the reissue last year. I love that album. Pete Reeven is a great guitarist. Great tone and played with monster size balls. Anyone that loves Badlands will love that album....I was listening to it a lot recently.