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  • Covid in da house

    Dr Nick said:
    Managed to catch the damn bug (New Variant) over Christmas. Spoke too soon in an earlier post: I was pretty sick during the second week of illness, blew up in a rash (urticarial vasculitis) lastin 6 days, and it wiped me out. Back at work now but not 100% yet.

    Timing's off, left hand gets tired, callouses have gone...REALLY sucks!

    I'll be fine, but SO frustrating. 
    is that rash covid related?

    Another one of my wife's aunts died last night. This fucking sucks. 

    Sorry you can't play. That hits close to home. 
  • GASing for a Super Strat

    Severe case of Fangs for frets and I would have needed a 2x4 for a neck shim to get the action down to an acceptable level.
  • Diego Maradona

    As if 2020 couldn't suck even more, the greatest soccer/football player in history has passed away.
    This year has not only taken from me my musical heroes but also my sports heroes.

  • Accept - Love Child Solo...

    Update - the video got blocked, so I removed it. Apparently they think I've included a copy of Love Child from a live recording and I got the option to mute it or delete it :(
  • I was blind and now I see (sorta NGD content).

    Killer guitarra. I used to play that model back in the day. 

    Everything is good on it. 


    Hard to argue. This is so far proving to be among the best guitars I have ever played, and luckily, it's mine. I have barely touched the others this week, and it is inspiring to play, which is always a good thing.

    inmyhands said:
    I used to own a mid 80's Charvel with a Tele shaped body and two humbuckers in a color very close to yours. Maybe the same. Mine was pretty faded. It played super fast and sounded super wicked. Enjoy.

    The neck is a beautiful thing, I can say that. It might be as good as (gasp) the one on my Strat, which is a Warmoth compound radius (12-16, iirc) and which is a beautiful thing as well and probably the best neck I have ever played, period.

    Also, the sounds on this thing... Just breathtaking. This is not even the highest rated model, I think those were the Model 6 (basically a Jackson Soloist with a Charvel decal) and the 750 (the infamous Les Paul killer). But as far as full strat bodied Chavels, this is allegedly the best one of the production models, and I can see why.
  • Just some thoughts from the front lines of this bullshit.

    I'm not going to glorify my job:  I stock groceries at Walmart.  I've not been given the two weeks off or any of that bullshit.  I have been working 48 hour weeks for the last two months.  The pay is good (I bought a new truck, so there's that), but fuck, why aren't these zombies staying home?  I mean, I could be a carrier, an asymptomatic person, and you wouldn't know.  Why do you come to my store, flaunt the 6 foot social distancing, and bring your six children with you?  Are these people stupid?

    I've got a cousin whose in-laws died from this shit.  My niece was exposed to her boyfriend's room mate who had it (so I didn't get to see her on her break).  I'm wearing a mask every day, even though it fogs up my glasses, because that's the time we're living in.  Things are different.

    Just.  Stop.   Stop coming to the store for 55" TVs and jewelry.  That $1200 stimulus was for essentials, you morons.  It's essential that I get to work to serve your sorry asses, so yeah, I put it towards the truck.  That's to benefit YOU.  Ungrateful bastards.  And now my county has a policy that states all customers must wear masks.  Are they?  No.  Is there enforcement?  No.  These unmasked people are at risk of transmitting it to us.  We put in hard hours, get no recognition, and just eat the shit.  I have one attendance violation (the limit is 5) and 8 hours of Protected Paid Time Off.  Just test me.  I'll walk out and there's nothing they can do.

    If you're shopping at a retail store at this time, give a shout out to the people who are filling your shelves and enabling you to live your lives in a somewhat-normal manner.  I work at the store, so I'm getting the necessities for my 78 yo mom for her at the end of my shift.

    Oh, I just mean, give us some slack.  Don't call us heroes.  My brother served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's a hero.  I'm just a retail slave trying to serve my community.  

    Stay safe, mask up, and wait it out.  It's going to end sometime.  I love my Dino friends.
  • New Dead Daisies album with Glenn Hughes on vox and bass coming April 24th

    Is it just me, or is this song (a little) better acoustically?

  • Cary (bourbonsamurai) in the NOLA ICU, NOT covid-19

    Was just saying yesterday on the video get-together that I hope it doesn't hit anyone here, but that was unrealistic.  Cary's had health problems before, and is probably someone they'd say has a "compromised" system. But he was also a Marine, and he's faced tough shit before (in places like Afghanistan).  Betting he beats this, too.
  • How to remove cat piss from a guitar case?

    Unreal. During some recent gear photo sessions I left 3 guitar cases outside the closet leaning against the wall in my studio. I now find that one or more of our cats decided to claim them as their own. Before I do anything wrong ..... any ideas on how to clean dried cat piss off these cases would be much appreciated. 
  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    Duojett71 said:

    Image result for arch enemy war eternal
    I have not listened to this one much since it came out. Saw them Tuesday night and they played a great set. I really like what Nick Cordle brought to the table on this album. Excellent album in my opinion. 
    Image result for arch enemy khaos legions
    The last album with Angela on vocals and Chris Amott on guitar. I forgot how good this album is.
    Image result for arch enemy rise of the tyrant
    Might be my favorite AE album after 'Wages Of Sin'. Kickass album.
    I agree. "Khaos Legions" is not nearly as bad as people make out, and "Rise of the Tyrant" is probably their best after "Wages of Sin". I really miss that line-up, although "War Eternal" was still very good, if too polished. I didn't care about the latest. I thought it was like a dumbed-down version of "War Eternal" - even the guitar work didn't live up to expectations. 


    Sodom's discography is not the most consistent in thrash, but I love their brutal approach of the genre. The 3-piece lineups with Bernemann on guitar always delivered the goods, too bad Tom threw a shit fit and fired him and the last drummer.